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These NDE accounts were submitted to our website and are published here anonymously. Minor edits have been made to protect the identity of the experiencer and others who may have been involved with the experience. Note to researchers and authors: IANDS cannot grant permission to publish quotations from these NDE accounts because we have not received permission from the NDE authors to do so. However, we advise authors who wish to use quotations from these accounts to follow the Fair Use Doctrine. See our Copyright Policy for more information. We recommend adopting this practice for quotations from our web site before you have written your book or article.

Learning with Being

On the afternoon of January 10th I began to feel kind of funky, like maybe I had eaten something bad. I went home that night and went straight to bed. Thursday, I went to work and by the afternoon I had a stomach ache and thought I was coming down with a virus. I went home that night and straight to bed again. About 12:30 a.m. I awoke with a strong pain in my gut like someone had stabbed me; it would not go away. I tried to call someone I knew and all I got was an answering machine. I waited (in pain) until I finally reached my neighbor at about 7 a.m. I had her take me to the nearest urgent care place hoping that if it was serious enough to go the the ER that I could bypass the wait from a doctor's referral.

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Natural Continuum

During cardiac catheterization, my left ventricle ruptured, and I developed cardiac tamponade. As a result, my blood pressure was reduced to 20/0. Needle penetration through the chest wall and into the pericardial sac allowed aspiration of the blood and relief of the tamponade temporarily. I was taken to surgery for repair of the left ventricle.

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Between Worlds

I had a near death experience, but I chose to stay for my son. This occurred during an illness I had from a possible food poisoning, although we will never know the true cause of my illness leading up to my near-death experience. I had been severely ill for weeks and unable to keep any food down. I am a thin person so this was a problem. From what I recall, I was down to a mere 80 pounds. However, my stomach was the size of a woman's belly nine months pregnant and almost exploded from excess bile production. I was in the hospital for weeks. It was a strange illness. Doctors could not find a cause.

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Corridors of Life's Images

On Sunday June 19th 1977 at 1:20 a.m., as I lay unconscious in the back of a police car with my nose nearly torn from my face and bleeding from my right ear, I was being charged with leaving the roadway, reckless driving, fleeing or attempting to elude police, driving under the influence and vehicular homicide.

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Telepathic Communication

I awoke in a dream and decided to go look for God. I flew up through the clouds and into outer space. I flew for a long time and entered more clouds where I was drawn to a bright light. As I approached the light it spoke to me telepathically. With each word the the light brightened and dimmed rythmically. At first he kind of scolded me and asked what I was doing there as it wasn't my time yet. I had to go back. I was apologetic and very disappointed. I lingered and stalled as I bathed in the warmth and light of his unconditional love. As I absorbed the light of his love I felt the depth and breath of eternal knowledge and the wisdom of the ages within me. Reluctantly I returned home, but life was never the same. No religious brainwashing could ever convince me of their version of God. I already knew about God and never believed in hell.

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