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These NDE accounts were submitted to our website and are published here anonymously. Minor edits have been made to protect the identity of the experiencer and others who may have been involved with the experience. Note to researchers and authors: IANDS cannot grant permission to publish quotations from these NDE accounts because we have not received permission from the NDE authors to do so. However, we advise authors who wish to use quotations from these accounts to follow the Fair Use Doctrine. See our Copyright Policy for more information. We recommend adopting this practice for quotations from our web site before you have written your book or article.

Surrounded by God's Love

As a 12 year old experienced Junior Olympic swimmer I was playing "Uncle" with a high school senior in our practice pool at the YMCA, Miami, Florida. I evidently lost by passing out, then drowning while I was trying to pull a friend under the surface and propelling myself out of the water to take a breath of fresh air. I did not experience fear or a shortness of breath nor did I feel I was suffocating.

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Sensed Someone Beside Me

I'm afraid I had no spiritual awakenings or feelings of the profound. I'll just tell it as it was. On the night of 16th March 2007 I was attacked by my stepson (who is schizophrenic) while asleep in bed with my wife. He entered the room, awoke us with a shout and approached with speed and purpose. He pinned me down and began hitting me and then my wife as she tired to make her escape. It was not until he hit my wife that I realised that he was in fact stabbing us with a carving knife.

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Lost Breath of Life

I had overdosed on prescribed medications (MS Cotin and Ativan). I was told I stopped breathing for seven minutes. A week later I woke up in ICU and spent another week and a half there.

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Shown How Illnesses Start on an Energetic Level

I had cancer (Hodgkin's Lymphoma) and one morning I could not move. My husband rushed me to the hospital where after doing scans they diagnosed me with grade 4B lymphoma (the highest grade). The senior oncologist looked at my report and told my husband that it was too late and that my organs were shutting down. I only had 36 hours to live. However, the oncologist said he would do whatever he could but prepared my husband that I would most likely not make it, as my organs were no longer functioning. They started me on a chemotherapy drip as well as oxygen and took tests, particularly on my organ functions, to determine what drugs to use. 

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Following Spiritual Guide toward White Tunnel

Around 2:00 a.m. Saturday, March 3, 2001, I woke up and felt as if I was hit in the chest with a sledgehammer. I was having a heart attack. I immediately took two aspirins (why I don't know, probably from hearing it on TV) and told my wife to call 911.

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