Near-Death-Like Experience (NDLE) Accounts

These near-death-like experience accounts were submitted to our website and are published here anonymously. Minor edits have been made to protect the identity of the experiencer and others who may have been involved with the experience. Note to researchers and authors: IANDS cannot grant permission to publish quotations from these NDE accounts because we have not received permission from the NDE authors to do so. However, we advise authors who wish to use quotations from these accounts to follow the Fair Use Doctrine. See our Copyright Policy for more information. We recommend adopting this practice for quotations from our web site before you have written your book or article.

Young girl drug by horse feels safe and happy, watching from above
Young man in coma sees a nurse's thoughts; ten years later, has awakening
Passing out after losing blood, man now believes personality as well as consciousness survives death
Young man, searching for truth, receives guidance from loving guide
Five-year-old girl is taken to the light, meets Jesus, and sees the rainforest being destroyed
Meditation brings a taste of heaven and Jesus
Grieving widower asks to see wife one more time and is taken to the light, but doesn't see her
Depressed young woman has OOB dream and learns she can't lose God's love and salvation
Toddler is taken to heaven by Jesus and he is shown around by a lion
Man in hospital is visited by God and helped to live
Austrian woman has dream of her husband leaving 12 days before his unexpected transition
Man has experiences during coma caused by near-fatal accident
Teen experiences peace in spontaneous presence of huge light being
Young woman has two visions of destruction, recovering in one of them
Man meditating sees light and feels peace, love, harmony
Man has precognitive dreams in which he is shown Earth's future and his past
Man sitting on beach is transformed by a Force from seeing Venus's light
Boy encounters demonic force in a dream but is rescued by benevolent force
Young woman has strange encounters in the woods
Man enters the darkness and is granted continued contact with his guides
Woman recalls childhood experiences of seeing Jesus and feeling love
Man has a number of mysterious spiritual events in his lifetime
Teen leaves body while sleeping and talks with old friend she never met in this life
Man is taken briefly to the other side while thinking about God and later connects with The Urantia Book
English woman had 2003 premonition of Iraqui war tragedy, in which she finds herself present
Daughter is reassured at time of father's death and later hears from him and other deceased
Young woman planning suicide is taken out of her body and returns with no desire to die
Man reflects on his OBE and NDE, realizing judgement is harmful to all
Boy has night visitations, one evil and one loving
Teen Seeks God with All Her Heart and Is Taken Into the Light
Man leaves body during the night, but returns quickly
Woman receiving ketamine infusion glimpses the Other Side
Young man has hellish encounter before a figure rescues him
Young man learns meaning of life during NDE while meditating
Woman Walking the Camino Has Vision of Mary, Wisdom, and Her Family
Young woman has strange, cleansing loss of ego over 17 days, outside her control
Man has visions of Jesus and unusual (including aerial) phenomena
Man's lifetime of mystical experiences includes seeing 13,000-year history of humanity on earth and past lives
Woman goes to 'waiting room' during pain in hospital
Toddler sees colors in water and being invites her to splash
Depressed woman is offered choice of life or death and chooses life, receiving help
Woman is injured but lifted by unseen helper to call 911
Dying friend appears to woman to tell her she is a good person
UK policeman is filled with warmth and love while driving to work
Young man, in body, sees Jesus, feels peace, then knows God
Shared near-death by woman who helped her father pass over a week later
Man sees heaven opening up, as he almost drowns
We all are already in eternity, in heaven, in the light
Woman is shown life plan after encounter with past-life stranger
Depressed man plans suicide, but is taken to meet God beforehand
Man is healed by his guide who shares great knowledge with him
Two experiences, one out of body seeing self in morgue
Girl falls and is healed and cradled by Bigfoot-like beings
Woman's suicide leads to parallel universe, leaving many unanswered questions
Young man lives parallel life while in coma
Man, abused as child, has visions and paints them, healing others
Young East Indian man exits body during trauma and returns with psychic abilities
As a child, woman remembered life as man who was ill and dying
Woman's dream of her niece takes her to Unconditional Love
Finnish woman feels yanked out of her body and meets her guardian angel
Woman is shown how trauma causes our perceptions to become skewed
Meditation leads woman to out-of-body experiences with Jesus and God
Woman Born Clairvoyant Finds Hope When She Meets God
Wanting to die, man leaves body, hugs aunt, and returns changed
Texas man feels core cold and sees menacing faces after overdose
Anxious boy is comforted by message and feelings of love and peace
Woman watches deceased son's soul find joy on the Other Side
Woman is healed from effects of trauma following spiritual experience
Baha'i woman is healed through empathy during otherworldy dream
Young man has bad trip on mushrooms and kudalini awakening
Young man meets the Light and learns of love during mescaline trip
Man has dream, Kundalini, Light experience with vivid aftereffects
Woman is taken on spiritual journey and returns with healing gifts
Woman's shared death experience during Sept 11 attack
Woman shares lifetime of mystical experiences
Young Woman Learns of Past Suicides and Is Given New Life
Showing ourselves and others true compassion and love will help us all transcend fear
Seeking God through meditation, young woman is given a glimpse
Woman's shared death experience and path to awakening
Two demons appear to woman during physical attack
OBEs result in 10-fold increase in intuitive abilities
Unconditional love filled every cell of my body
Mother shares pre-birth connection with son
Young Austrian hippie has mystical experiences in India
Young man ascends during spiritual quest
OBE during seizure reassures young woman from India
Spiritual awakening at the hour of her brother's death
Two experiences lead to need to share
Nurse shares several experiences and beliefs she acquired from them
Asked how we merge with universal consciousness and got answer
Little girl sees herself as a light being
Love and Care For One Another
Truth was spoken to cruelty, through me
Almost leaving body in Emergency Room
Powerful energy brings pain but also new perspective
Deceased grandfather helps girl abused by sexual predators
Mother in crash is given a choice
Mother's visitations after son's suicide
Teen's cognitive dream of his mother's death
New mother is taken to the light, made of love and knowledge
Overwhelming Sense of Love and Communing with Trees OOB
Finding God's love during healing/massage session
Daughter forgives her mother following shared death experience with her father
Man hears "everything is as it should be" and knows no judgment
Dream visitation uncovers family secret and is suggestive of reincarnation
Visitation dream conveys pride from deceased father
Deceased mother shows man souls departing heaven for Earth and other worlds
Girl saved from drowning at age five by a voice
I felt this great powerful force around me
From profound separateness to profound inclusiveness in an instant
I changed my future while in the In Between
Complete acceptance, compassion, knowledge and love
The Day I Met God
Millions of souls were holding me
IANDS helped me believe God came to me
Traveling down a column of light - Kundalini awakening?
LSD Trip to Completeness (NDE?)
Out of body dreams open her mind to more
The encompassing blissful love
I shared my father's death, helping him push over
All that matters for you is My [God's] Essence
Unearthly waves crashing on a gold beach
We are not separate from God
Our loved ones never die
My body was moved before the crash
Saved by gentle hands in Bangalore
Became world explorer after car hit her at age 9
Unearthly colors morphing and changing
Pure spiritual light from the white sun
I felt so loving to everyone around me
Go with the flow, trust the universe
Getting a pass, but only one
The Presence was LOVE
I Might Just Fly Away
A Lifetime of Experiences
From Suicidal to Reincarnation, My Dream Wasn't so Crazy After All
The Grand Attractor
My Dear Child
I saw my Mother, like a Hologram
I saw a Veil
Expanding Orb of Joyful Consciousness
Delightful Candyland
Battling Conflict
It Took A Dentist Appointment to Experience all Knowing
Fiery Bush Vision Predicts Death
Dream Visit After Mother's Death
When Time Slows Down, A Lot Can Happen
I know in my heart there is a god
Warnings to give us Hope
After death forgiveness
My Twin Takes Care of Me
Berkshire Splendor
Vision of Unconditional Love Saves Mother and Son
My son is okay
Skateboarding my way to the other side
Loss of first love
Forgiveness requested from the "other side"
Near Death "Lite"
Foreknowledge of Brain Tumor Confirmed
Learned to Call on God
Knew Something Happening to Me
An Untold Imprint
No Real Partitions
An Unforgettable Vision of Paradise
Knowledge Download
A Green Tunnel
More than Physical Existence
Flying Free
Pure Awareness without Thought
Spontaneous Out-of-Body Events
Feeling Beyond What I am
Almost Snuffed Out
A Non-Believer, Before
Shimmering of Light and Shade
A Profound Visit Before 35
A Promise Kept after Dark Experience
One of Mine
My Bread Batter Beliefs
Out-of-Body Activity in CO
Drifting to the Other Side
Passing through Planes
A Universal Gift of No Belongings
I Could be One with All
Sea of Love in the Light
Looking for and Finding A Spiritual Reality
Lake View
A Spirit and a Body
Another Place
Slammed Back
Golden River Road
All-Encompassing Love and Acceptance
Flowery Fragrances
Waves of Love
The Question and Answer: Love
Flying Close to the Light
A Ball of Light
Separate from Physical Body
Light Transformed Life
Life-Changing Dream of Eternity
View of a Gurney
Walked Inside
Black Hole
Return for Further Experiences
Place Not For Me Yet
Already Knew
Light Always Around Us
Walking Home
Childhood Malnutrition
Four Miles Away
Ceiling Sparkles
The Essence of All
Diving Under
Light Brighter than the Sun
White Light Experiences
A Limitless Freedom
Knowing and Feeling
Calm and at Peace
Thinking Mind - OBE
After Death Communications
Burst of Consciousness
Grief Stricken Out-of-Body Experience
Hovering over my Body
Balls of Light
Immense Light
Parental Visits Beyond a Dream
Fairies and Butterflies
Lucid Dream
In Dreams


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