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Woman meets three beings before returning 15 Sep 2021
Young woman with genetic disease has had 4 NDEs 15 Sep 2021
Six-year-old girl suffocates on candy and leaves body 09 Sep 2021
Woman spends time with Jesus during abuse as child 25 Aug 2021
Teen experiences bliss while in hospital 28 Jul 2021
Man has NDE during dental work in 1978 08 Jul 2021
Vietnamese man in car crash accompanies fiance into light but returns alone 08 Jul 2021
Australian man chokes and finds himself in another place 08 Jul 2021
Woman is healed and shown she will be a healer 08 Jul 2021
Sleep apnea leads Columbian man to teachings about Covid-19 08 Jul 2021
Depressed college freshman meets his guides during drug overdose 02 Jun 2021
Woman's love is measured during her life review 14 May 2021
Spanish Man Pleads to Return, Is Given More Time, and Now Serves Others 14 May 2021
Young child dies from pills, meets a being, and returns to feel trapped 28 Apr 2021
Heart attack leads to teachings about dimensions by Higher Self 27 Apr 2021
Hindu Nepalese young man crashes his motorcycle and has OBE 20 Feb 2021
Following motorcycle accident, man has vision of his own funeral 20 Feb 2021
Man has memories of traumatic birth when he was born dead 20 Feb 2021
Woman sees her Dad during brief visit to the Other Side 20 Feb 2021
UK man has OBE, life review, and is given a blank slate upon return 17 Feb 2021
Young woman sees life forms from other places and demon-like creatures 28 Jan 2021
Horseback accident leaves young woman with pain and insights 18 Jan 2021
Physician recalls 5 near deaths giving her new view of the world 05 Jan 2021
Life review shows his encouragement of others 27 Nov 2020
Woman is offered exit opportunity 28 Oct 2020
Male sexual abuse survivor's NDE results in increased psychic abilities 10 Oct 2020
Following childbirth, woman passes dark place and heals her brain bleed 09 Oct 2020
Journey to Expanded Consciousness 07 Oct 2020
Fugitive is shown all his happiest moments 11 Sep 2020
Suicide is told she has no business trying to "get in" 08 Sep 2020
The divine Love we share between us is all that truly matters and is measured and endures 27 Aug 2020
Woman, given Fentanyl for pain, leaves body and watches resuscitation 27 Aug 2020
Motorcyclist has OOB and after-effects since accident 13 Aug 2020
Woman enters the light and praises God 12 Aug 2020
The Christ concept brings all our songs into a perfect balance with our universe 03 Aug 2020
I am the only God and my name means love 28 Jun 2020
Man who drowned as teen and was pulled out seeks answers later in life 30 May 2020
Woman, abused as infant, has NDE after-effects 14 May 2020
Greeted by vibrantly-colored spirit guides and guardian angels 09 May 2020
Young mother drowns in sailing accident 25 Apr 2020
The physical world we experience is part of something vastly more complex 19 Apr 2020
Childhood NDE and visitations finally understood after 50 years 19 Apr 2020
Man with childhood NDE is further activated by NDEs in his 60's 29 Mar 2020
Suicide beholds the essence of God as love and light 24 Mar 2020
Near-death soldier taken to past time where his soul is joined by another man 25 Feb 2020
Welsh woman is cared for in heavenly hospital while in coma 06 Feb 2020
Nurse, dead for 20 minutes, sees God but can't enter 05 Feb 2020
A lifetime: Brief moments of light when suddenly truth beams on us 27 Jan 2020
I was one with God consciousness 27 Jan 2020
Woman helps another cross over during NDE 22 Jan 2020
Multiple NDEr shares about wars in heaven and on earth 22 Jan 2020
Part 3: Lengthy NDE meets council, life review, return 26 Dec 2019
Part 2: Lengthy NDE learns of energies, Jesus, spirit city 26 Dec 2019
Part 1: Lengthy NDE learns of Egypt, Gaia, dark souls 26 Dec 2019
I felt like who I was always supposed to be 20 Dec 2019
GI almost dies, has painful life review and flies around the world 11 Dec 2019
Woman doing drugs leaves body, feels love and acceptance 11 Dec 2019
Young mother has OOB and conversation with being during surgery 11 Dec 2019
Teenager has OOB after drug overdose (caution: profanity) 11 Dec 2019
Man meets grandmother during panic attack near-death 11 Dec 2019
New Zealand girl learns from epilepsy near-deaths 13 Nov 2019
Teen wishes for death, but is shown who she really is 24 Oct 2019
Life Review: Exchanging Loving Kindness with All 07 Oct 2019
Begged to return to care for his babies 09 Sep 2019
Comparison of near-death and drug-induced experiences 09 Sep 2019
Troubling after-effects following aborted dark NDE 09 Sep 2019
I snapped back into my life as a different version of myself 22 Aug 2019
Young woman sees herself in the morgue 21 Jun 2019
Man visits hell hole after dying of sepsis 15 Jun 2019
Sleeping man goes to heavenly library but it's not his time 10 Jun 2019
New mother feels loved beyond comprehension 10 Jun 2019
Suicide attempt NDE followed by increased intuitiveness, etc. 19 Apr 2019
Scary spirits plague woman who drowned at age 3 19 Apr 2019
Life Review: Exchanging Loving Kindness with All 15 Apr 2019
Many experiences in and out of body, living with genetic syndrome 11 Apr 2019
Surfing accident reveals unknown mercy to young woman 09 Mar 2019
Brief out of body on ceiling of operating room 04 Mar 2019
Woman feels she's been given the meaning of life 04 Mar 2019
Young woman dies of a broken heart but now knows her friend lives 15 Feb 2019
Anti-theist youth hears God's voice 21 Jan 2019
Teen sees patient in adjacent room while out of her body 15 Jan 2019
The Most Important Assignment in Life is Love 11 Jan 2019
Mother's NDE and premonitions of children's deaths 08 Jan 2019
A connection to all the knowledge there is in the universe 26 Dec 2018
There is no "I" since five NDEs from age four 26 Dec 2018
My trip to hell; saved by a little angel 22 Nov 2018
Suddenly I remembered EVERYTHING - who I was, what my life was about, what home was 20 Nov 2018
Mother believed stabbed son was dying but chaplain didn't 03 Nov 2018
Teenager communicates with identical twin from coma/NDE 14 Oct 2018
Man's NDE at work allows him to help his mother cross over 14 Oct 2018
Childhood NDE followed by precognitive dreams/visions and UFO/alien writings 04 Oct 2018
The real world is much more wonderful and complex 17 Aug 2018
Unconditional love washed over me like a huge wave 01 Aug 2018
Fifteen-year-old girl has panoramic view of accident 30 Jul 2018
Apocalyptic vision during high fever 30 Jul 2018
Teenager in UK out of body into light 23 Jul 2018
Love was what everything was made of, came from, and returned to 14 Jul 2018
Saved from allergic reaction by otherworldly figure 02 Jul 2018
I now communicate with conscious-energies in the Energic Conscious Continuum 27 Jun 2018
Start over in another lifetime or continue on in this one? 14 May 2018

Latest Entries

Woman meets three beings before returning

I remember passing out. Then I was just awake in a cave-like setting.

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Young woman with genetic disease has had 4 NDEs

My name is Amie (which means Love in French). 

I have had an interesting life to say the least. I have a gentetic disease (ehlers danlos syndrome).

It makes me fall apart and I have had 26 surgeries in the past 15 years to put me back together. This has resulted in many near death experiences and new understandings on life.

At 5, I had cancer. I lost my kidney and I remember right after they put me to sleep for my surgery (apparently I had lost a ton of blood from it and was coding), I was in like a waiting room with long benches on either side. There were people lining the walls sitting down. In the middle of this large open room, there was a table with a woman sitting at it. On either side of her there were 2 portals...swirling colored portals...one red and stormy and one a deep blue and stormy. I walked up to the lady and asked her where I was going. She promptly grabbed my hand and put a blue stamp on it. She told me please go in the blue portal. I did. When I popped out the other end (which was immediate), I was in my neighborhood. I saw people (grandparents) that were already passed just strolling up and down the street. I saw my house and went into it via the front door, but it was like I just passed through it. I went inside and I could hear my dad and sister talking, but I could not see them. I could hear the dishes clinking and the fridge opening, but I couldnt see them...just the house. I then woke up in ICU. That memory has stuck with me and is so vivid. Turns out my dad and sister were at home and they were getting lunch together while my mother was with me at the hospital.

Another time, in 2013, was when I had my son. After 18 hours of labor I was bleeding out and my son way drying due to it. They rushed me into the OR and put me to sleep. I could see what they were doing. I saw them take my son from my stomach. I saw me just passed out looking horrible and very very pale. I woke up a time later and verified with my doctor that what I saw was correct. My doctor at the time said I was on my way out of this life. (Due to my disease I shouldnt have had kids. It kills people who have it because you fall apart.)

In 2016 I had to have brain surgery called Decompression Surgury. The surgery went well but it was the septic infection that set in after 2 weeks that literally killed me. I didnt know that I had it. One morning 2 weeks post op, I woke up and my bed was wet. My incision had reopened and my brain fluid was gushing out of my neck and head. My mother rushed me to Memorial Herman where a shroud of doctors piled around me. I was laying on my side as they pushed a tube into my back to lower the pressure. They could not give me drugs because my heart rate had plummited to 43/30. They started yelling and screaming shes coding! SHE'S CODING! At that moment I started to feel the most incredible peace. I saw everyone running around me but I didnt care. It would all be ok. I felt myself almost give way. All of the sudden I was staring at my mother who was outside the room and she was sobbing. I wanted to tell her, "Mom, it's wonderful. Everything is fine," but I could not. That is the last I remember. I woke up a week later in ICU when the nurse came in, she told me what happened and I was astounded. I looked at my mother who was reading a book and I said "Mom wow they are playing great music in here." She said, "What music?" I sang it to her. It was the most beautiful classical music in the universe!! I thought the light above me was a speaker. When the nurse came in, I asked her about the music as well. She too said there was no music. I sang it for the next 5 days! I heard it anytime I was away. It was like I had a Bose headset on and it was turned up all the way. I was still on the verge of death. A week later they told me that I was getting better and they would put me in the regular unit. So they did and 2 days later the music stopped. They had me on the same medications the entire time (I have the recoreds). The only thing that changed was that I had stepped back from that ledge between life and death. It was insane. I can still remember what it sounded like. So beautiful.

In June of 2018 I had gotten an infection from E. coli (juicing organic veggies). It was in my system for a month until one day at work I passed out because my kidney failed. They rushed me to the ER. Between that and being awake I had seen and played with my childhood dog many times. I would train him, play with him, and he would sit on my lap. I could smell him, feel him, and hear him better than I could in real life. It was amazing. Everything was so bright and positive. When I awoke I found out that I had again coded but after a week of being in the hospital they let me go.

Every time I had one of these experiences, my world became brighter. Everything went into technicolor. I had a deeper understanding for all things including myself. There was meaning in everything! "Live in the moment" is a true thing and I even started to wonder: is there truly even a past and a future? I live by this and teach it. I try to help people every day. Life can and will get better! It is so beautiful; you just have to notice it! 

Six-year-old girl suffocates on candy and leaves body

When I was six years old and freshly back to the US from Germany, I was enrolled in public school. One day after class I was in a mostly empty cafeteria building and decided to race my friend to the other side of it where the exit was.

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