Here are answers to some frequently asked questions on these topics:

May I link to

We encourage you to link your website to the IANDS website by posting a hyperlink to  Please keep in mind this is not permission to host an article or other content on your Web site, but merely to create a text hyperlink from your Web site to page(s) at  Please do not use any logos or trademarks as hyperlinks.  IANDS reserves the right to request the removal of any such hyperlinks.

Will link to my site?

IANDS will link to pages that, in our sole judgment, offer significant added value to the people who view our site.  Such a page must be on a related topic, and must have relevant high-quality information that is not found on  We monitor all pages that we link to to make sure that they continue to live up to this expectation.  If you want IANDS to link to your site, send us e-mail using the format from the article What Your Link Request Should Contain and Why

May I copy the text of a near-death experience or similar experience and publish it as a quotation in a book or article, or publish an audio reading of the account online, for example on YouTube?

IANDS cannot grant permission to publish quotations from the NDE accounts that we publish on our web site because we have not received permission from the NDE account authors to do so. However, we advise researchers and authors who wish to use quotations from these accounts to follow the Fair Use Doctrine. If you are not familiar with this legal doctrine in US law, please refer to the factors involved in determining fair use. Some of the factors that may be involved in cases involving quotations from NDE accounts are:
  • If the book or article's use involves research, scholarship or education of the public.
  • If the book or article's use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes. A commercial use weighs against a claim of fair use but does not preclude it, if other factors are involved.
  • If there is not a likely impact on the NDEr's potential to market the NDE account, especially considering the next item.
  • The fact that these NDE accounts have already been published and are freely available on the Internet.
  • If the number of words the author is quoting is small (for example, 250 words) or is small compared to the total of the account. Use of longer quotations may still count as fair use, if other factors are involved. Alternatively, the author can reword a long quotation in the author's own words, and can include only shorter portions that are directly quoted.
  • If the author includes where these accounts have been published, that is, gives credit to the International Association for Near-Death Studies (

May I use content I find on for something such as a school project?

You may include a page or article from the IANDS web site for your school project so long as the following copyright clause accompanies it:
Copyright <DATE(s)>, International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS).  All rights reserved.  Reprinted with permission from
(Replace <DATE(s)> by the date or dates that appear on the page.)

You may also print and freely distribute any of the brochures we have on our site that are in PDF format, as long as you do not change the brochures in any way; this includes not omitting anything.