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Near-Death Experiences:
Index to the Periodical Literature
1877 through 2011

The NDE Index is an invaluable tool for finding almost every article about NDEs published in English between 1877 and 2011. The Index does not contain the actual text of the articles, but tells what has been written and where to find it. Many of the articles are available for free or for purchase on this website, and other reprints can be obtained from libraries and the publishers listed in the Index. 

You’ll find:

  • Complete search information for over 900 articles (author, title, year of publication, journal title, issue number, page numbers): a thorough listing and topics analysis of scholarly articles—and many popular articles—from the first 135 years of the field of near-death studies, with search function by author, keyword, or year
  • Abstracts (article summaries) for scholarly journal articles where available
  • Categorization of articles by 135 NDE-related topics
  • Under each individual citation, a listing of the NDE-related topics addressed in the article. View a sample
  • In a second listing under each topic, a listing of all articles that address that topic View a sample
  • In a third listing, citations of all articles by a given author (sole or co-author). View a sample
  • Periodic updates

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Having created a custom list of citations, researchers who do not have access to free reprints—such as those who are not higher education faculty with online or inter-library loan reprint access—can purchase one reprint of each article from the IANDS office. In either case, researchers can feel confident they have conducted a very thorough review of the available NDE literature through 2011.