Fox 10 News Interviews Tucson NDEr and IANDS President

NDEr Lesley Lupo and IANDS Featured on Fox 10 Phoenix News Special on NDEs

See or read the Fox 10 News Report by clicking on this link. with highlight references to IANDS and comments by IANDS President, Chuck Swedrock.

And be sure to check out Lesley's new book, Remember: Every Breath is Precious: Dying Taught Me How to Live with endorsements from Drs Pim van Lommel,  Ken Ring, Dean Radin, Raymond Moody, Bruce Greyson, Marjorie Woollacott, and many more notable contributors to the research and understanding of these and similar profound experiences.

Participate in an NDE Research Study!

If you have had a near-death experience (NDE), NDE-like experience or spiritually transformative experience (STE), please consider participating in the on-going research studies below. All of these studies have been reviewed and approved by the IANDS Academic & Research Committee.

1. Types of help & support that near-death experiencers seek out -- and their benefits

2. NDE Visions of the world's future
  • Objectives: (1) identify and verify cases of world events that were accurately predicted by NDErs; (2) identify similarities in future world events received by different NDErs; and (3) identify what significance the visions of future world events have for NDErs.
  • Researchers: Robert Mays, BSc, and Suzanne Mays, AA -- Independent NDE researchers.
  • Type of study: on-line survey.            Time required: up to 60 minutes.
  • Further information and link to survey

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Exploring NDEs w Chuck Swedrock*

Chuck interview with Christine BlosdaleChuck Swedrock* discusses a theory of consciousness related to near-death and similar experiences in an interview with Christine Blosdale. Come journey with us as Chuck discusses his views from early childhood through the journey of this physical experience and ultimately culminating in an after-death reality (click here or on the picture to listen).
Have you ever had a near death experience? What happens to us after we leave this place we call life? What makes us come back from the brink of passing over? 
* the views and opinions expressed by Chuck are solely his and do not reflect an official position by IANDS.

Hospice Documents Nearing Death Awareness

Dr. Christopher Kerr and his team at Hospice Buffalo in New York has been recording death-bed visions of residents for ten years now. Of 1,400 clients studied, 80% have reported vivid episodes of deceased family or friends or even pets that appeared to them. The vast majority of these are felt by the experiencer to be positive events welcoming them for what happens with their impending death.


Source: KDKA2 CBS Pittsburgh

Help Us Publish "The Self Does Not Die" in Spanish!

BookAuthors Spanish2The IANDS publication The Self Does Not Die is a significant research work by Titus Rivas, Anny Dirven and Rudolf Smit, describing 104 verified paranormal phenomena from near-death experiences (NDEs). The book has already been cited 14 times in NDE scholarly literature and has sold over 2,500 copies since 2016. There is now an Italian edition of the book and IANDS is now planning to publish the Spanish edition, El Yo No Muere.

We need to raise $6,000 in total for this publication project. The complete text has already been translated by two wonderful volunteers, Alejandro Agudo from Spain and Eduardo Fulco from Argentina. The publication costs include typesetting, indexing and translation rights from the original publisher.

We plan to publish the book by August 2019, in time for the 2019 IANDS Conference. We need your help. Donate here to this important project! Sample the Spanish translation! Read more!

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The Day I Died Video - 2003 BBC Documentary

The compelling 2003 BBC documentary, The Day I Died: The Mind, the Brain, and Near-Death Experiences, is now available free of charge. This documentary presents numerous near-death experience (NDE) accounts and the then-current scientific interpretations of NDEs. There is also a 2006 media review of the documentary by Janice Holden, Jason MacLurg and Debbie James from the Journal of Near-death Studies. Finally, there is a Viewing Guide for the documentary that can be used for teaching about NDEs.

IANDS Update 2018

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Foundations of Near-Death Research available on Amazon

AnthologyCoverIANDS has recently published Foundations of Near-Death Research, an anthology of 25 landmark research articles from the Journal of Near-Death Studies (JNDS). This volume provides a systematic overview—a map—of what scholars have achieved so far within conceptual and phenomenological research in the field. It identifies how nearly forgotten or neglected earlier research trends might inspire and enrich current research and points toward areas still left to be covered. The focus of the chapters moves consecutively from articles on epistemology—How do we approach the phenomenon of NDEs?, to phenomenology—What is the experience of an NDE like?, to ontology—What are NDEs, and who has them?, and, finally, to the wider implications—What do NDEs really mean?.

In the Foreword, JNDS editors Bruce Greyson and Jan Holden point out that the anthology highlights seminal work that may deserve additional attention among reasearchers.  To lay and scholarly readers who are already knowledgeable about near-death studies, the anthology brings a new level of coherence to the field; and to readers new to near-death studies, the anthology provides a relatively concise introduction with which to orient and familiarize themselves with the field.

Now available at Amazon & Kindle!

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Dr. Yvonne Kason Speaking on Spiritually Transformative Experiences

New IANDS Board Member, Dr. Yvonne Kason spoke at the 2018 IANDS Bellevue, Washington Conference presenting on Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STE) and moderating a Panel of STExperiencers.  



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