IANDS Board of Directors and Staff

Executive Committee of the Board

Pg 3 Jan Holden photo

Janice Holden, EdD, LPC-S, NCC, ACMHP - President (2020)
Residence: Texas
Occupation: NDE researcher; Professor Emerita of Counseling, University of North Texas, Denton (1988-2019)
Experience: IANDS member, 1985-present; IANDS Board, 2000-2006; IANDS Secretary, 2003; IANDS President, 2004-2006; Dallas-Fort Worth Friends of IANDS founder and leader, 2002-present; Editor, Journal of Near-Death Studies, 2008-present; IANDS Board, 2020-present

Roberta Moore  Roberta Moore, MA, MBA - Vice President (2020)
Residence: Florida
Occupation: Videographer; retired educator
Experience: IANDS member, 2000-present; Producer, NDE videos for healthcare professionals and veterans; IANDS Board member, 2019-present.
robertmays2  Robert Mays, BSc - Treasurer (2020)
Residence: North Carolina
Occupation: NDE researcher (consciousness, veridical perceptions), retired Senior Software Engineer, retired science teacher
Experience: IANDS member; Finance, Technology, & Website Committees; IANDS Board member, 2020-present; IANDS Past Treasurer
Susan Amsden sm Susan Amsden, BSc - Secretary (Interim, 2020)
Residence: North Carolina
Occupation: Business specialist; IANDS Business Manager, 2015-present
Experience: IANDS member; Editor, Vital Signs; New Groups Mentor; Durham IANDS Group Facilitator; IANDS Board, 2018-present

Other Board Members

Jacqueline Arnold Jacqueline Arnold, MSLS
Residence: Colorado
Occupation: Retired librarian, Certified LTC Ombudsman, Certified Medicare Counselor, Volunteer Senior Services Counselor
Experience: IANDS member, 2015-present; Boulder IANDS & BEES Group Leader, 2015-present; IANDS Board, 2016-present; IANDS Bequests & Special Gifts Chair, 2017-present; Interim Vice-President, 2019; IANDS Conference Chair, 2020
20191207 Dave Bennett David Bennett, ACLSC, ACSGC — Local Groups Coordinator (2019)
Residence: Virginia
Experience: IANDS member, 2002-present; Past leader Upstate NY IANDS, 2004-2015; Virginia Beach IANDS Board, 2016-present; IANDS Board Member at Large, 2019-present
Photograph of Diane Corcoran Diane Corcoran, RN, PhD
Residence: North Carolina
Occupation: Nurse, educator, legal nurse consultant, author of articles on NDEs for health care professionals, sponsor of research on combat-related NDES; retired US Army Colonel
Experience: IANDS member; IANDS Board, 2004-present; IANDS Past President; Education Committee co-chair, 2020-present
Chuck Swedrock edited smaller Chuck Swedrock, BSc, Computer Science; MBA; ACISTE Life Coach
Residence: Arizona
Occupation: Retired Information Technology Specialist
Experience: IANDS member, 1996-present; IANDS Board, 2005-2011, 2017-present; IANDS Groups Coordinator, year-year; Arizona IANDS Group co-facilitator, 2010-2018; IANDS Sharing Groups Online (ISGO™) Coordinator, 2018-present
Martin Tanner  Martin Tanner, JD
Residence: Utah
Occupation: Attorney                                                                    Experience: IANDS member; Salt Lake City IANDS Board of Directors; IANDS Board, 2020-present; IANDS Governance Committee chair, 2020-present
rebeccasvallamd1 Rebecca Valla, MD
Residence: North Carolina
Occupation: Board Certified Psychiatrist
Experience: IANDS member; IANDS Board, 2015-present; Ethics Committee co-chair, 2019-present


Susan Amsden sm Susan Amsden, BSc
Residence: North Carolina
Editor Vital Signs; New Groups Mentor
Durham IANDSGroup Facilitator
Occupation: Business Specialist;
Experience: Joined the IANDS staff in 2015; IANDS Board, 2018-present
Saint Jim McFly, BMEd - Volunteer
Residence: North Carolina
Occupation: Retired Information Technology Specialist


brucegreyson2 Bruce Greyson, MD
Past President of IANDS
Consulting Editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies
Residence: Virginia
Occupation: Professor of psychiatry
Served on the board 1981-1992.
Served as Editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies from 1982 - 2008 (26 years!).
66 Marjorie Woollacott Majorie Woollacott, PhD
Director of Research
Professor of Neuroscience, University of Oregon
Researcher in the field of rehabilitation, cognition & meditation
Photograph of Debbie James Debbie James, MSN, RN, CCRN, CRS 
Conference Committee
Residence: Texas 
Occupation: Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist 
Served on the board 1995-2008; 
Rejoined the board in 2011-2017
National conference coordinator from 1996 - 2006, 2010.
Katie Connolly Katie Connolly, CPA
Media Council
Residence: Colorado
Occupation: Certified Public Accountant
Served since 2017.
Dr Nicole Gruel Nicole Gruel, PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, ACISTE Life Coach ISGO™ Lead Facilitator
Residence: Newport, Australia
Board 2018-2019.
(ISGO™=IANDS Sharing Groups Online)
Photograph of Yolaine Stout Yolaine Stout, BA
Chair of the Integration/Support Committee
Past president of IANDS
Residence: California
Occupation: Self-Help Writer, Life Coach, Nonprofit Consultant
17 years of experience in non-profit leadership and development. Honors graduate at UC Berkeley. 25-year educator in Austria and the United States.

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