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Envisioning a future in which near-death and related experiences have become part of the common wisdom, enriching the human search for meaning and inspiring a better world.

Wherever in the world knowledge from NDE research reaches, and wherever compassionate people educated by that information are able to offer understanding and support to their community - that is IANDS in action.

For over thirty years, IANDS has been educating the world about near-death and similar experiences, offering reliable information, education,and supportive understanding to the public and to experiencers and their families. It has helped change the public perception of what it is like to die; it has deepened our understanding of how best to live.

Now we ask you to help us move the IANDS mission forward!

This is the beginning of a new era for IANDS, crowded with plans and ongoing ventures.

  • The new IANDS office location in Durham, North Carolina offers exciting prospects for interdisciplinary programs, outreach, and collaboration.
  • We're developing a major outreach to hospices and palliative care units, reaching out to the many thousands who work or volunteer with the dying, to teach them about NDEs and make them aware of IANDS.
  • We're organizing a new series of multimedia programs to provide the kind of information you've asked for, from old voices and new, about the meaning and integration of NDEs and related experiences.
  • We're building a new online program for nurses and another for clergy, incorporating the best of what we know about helping new experiencers.
  • We want to make twenty years' worth of articles from the Journal of Near-Death Studies available as downloadable files on our web site, building support for new research, and creating an unparalleled resource for potentially millions of readers who want to learn as much as possible about NDEs and similar experiences. 

We need you to help keep the IANDS mission moving forward!

Light the Way is a recurring donation program to support existing programs and defray the expenses associated with new outreach initiatives. Your gift will enable us to share new levels of understanding while reaching out to thousands of new people. We have the energy, the plans, and the passion. What we need are the funds to make it possible. Please give generously to help make this happen!

You can pledge an amount to contribute monthly or quarterly until you choose to stop, or you can make one or more contributions throughout the year. All donations are tax deductible.

To make an on-going monthly pledge, please use the link below to print out a donation form and mail or fax it to the address on the form.

pdf Light The Way On-going Pledge Form

Or you can call the IANDS office in the United States during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern time). Click here for address and phone number.

To make a convenient, one-time online donation to IANDS, click on this link to help us Light the Way!


Below are just a few of the many reasons our Light the Way donors are contributing.

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