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A Place with Emanating Love

I feel it is pertinent to mention some of my background before telling about my NDE. I feel, (know if you will) that all of this that I am about to share is inter-related.

I became a Christian, accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour around the age of 10 or 11. It was an incredibly emotional experience. A little while after being saved, I experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit while asleep at the side of my grandmother's bed (witnessed by my grandmother and confirmed by my own realization). The overwehlming peace and love that I experienced in my Holy Spirit baptism experience was almost identical to my NDE.

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Peaceful and Not Frightening

I was body surfing at the coast near San Diego, California. My brother was some distance to my left, out of range of hearing but I was able to see him. I think I was caught in the undertow and pulled under the water. I was unable to get back to the surface and struggled in a panic to get there. I swallowed a lot of water in this period of struggle.

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Surrounded by Pure Love

I had an OBE in 1970 at the birth of my first son and it was rather frightening. I heard the doctor tell my husband and the nurse that the baby was in trouble and to save its life he would have to put me out and take the baby with forceps. My son was posterior and 8 lbs 4 oz. I'm rather small and the trauma of the birth resulted in hemorrhaging and my uterus not contracting to stop the bleeding. I distinctly heard the doctor tell my husband that he could save the baby but probably not me.

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I'm Home

My eldest sister, 19 at the time, had just come home from work and made some fried eggs and french fries for lunch. She had made the potatoes exactly the way I liked them, very thin and crispy. We sat at the table opposite each other. As was my habit I wedged myself between the back of the chair and the table and started eating rather hungrily and at the same time talking with my sister. I put a couple of fries in my mouth and tried to speak at the same time. I found that I couldn't manage both, so I chose to swallow first forgetting that I hadn't chewed. The moment I did it I realised I had made a terrible mistake. Actually as  terrible as the pain I was feeling cutting through me. It was like I had swallowed a razor blade only slightly less sharp. I tried to bring it back up but it was impossible. I tried to make it go down a bit faster so that the pain wouldn't last too long, but that was impossible too. The potato was taking its own sweet time making sure I was feeling every little millimeter it was cutting through. In the meantime without realising it, I had stopped breathing. I suppose it's a totally natural reaction to pain but I forgot to start breathing again.

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Outside a Gate with Other Beings

Three days prior to my drug overdose I had a dream that spirits were circling around my body and there was a whirling sound. I awoke to find that this was really happening to me. I sat up in bed and could see them as plain as day. It only lasted for 30 seconds or so then I saw a mist above the right side of my bed. I was very depressed at the time having had two knee surgeries and losing my job due to health issues. I was on an antidepressant and my doctor wanted a blood test before he would fill another prescription. So needless to say I was having a bad day and decided to swallow 470 blood pressure pills. I had to send in my prescriptions by mail order and I would get a three months supply at a time. I needed something to drink with the pills. I drank a half pint of booze to wash them down. In a panic and not feeling so well I called 911 because it was effecting me quickly.

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