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These NDE accounts were submitted to our website and are published here anonymously. Minor edits have been made to protect the identity of the experiencer and others who may have been involved with the experience. Note to researchers and authors: IANDS cannot grant permission to publish quotations from these NDE accounts because we have not received permission from the NDE authors to do so. However, we advise authors who wish to use quotations from these accounts to follow the Fair Use Doctrine. See our Copyright Policy for more information. We recommend adopting this practice for quotations from our web site before you have written your book or article.

New Zealand school girl meets mother figure in The Real Place

As a 13 year-old schoolgirl, a group of us went out to the playfield to try a breathing technique which supposedly made you feel high (this was in New Zealand where kids were slightly more innocent). 

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Hit by a 122 rocket in Viet Nam

In March 1968 I was at a firebase near Cam Lo, Viet Nam. 

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Caesarean Section NDE in 1979 Scotland

I awoke in my hospital bed 38 years ago after having had a Caesarean Section, realising that I had had an unbelievable experience.

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Don't move out of the light or you will never leave this place

I had just turned 18 and was excited to be able to donate blood, as I thought it was my duty as a human being to do so.

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Tickled to meet man who said "Come"

I was around five years old at the time.

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