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Ten-year-old girl falls and leaves body, but returns just in time

I was ten, headed home from school with my friend, Todd (not real name). Todd had a bungee cord. He looped one end tight to the inside of the handle of his bike, and he began swinging it while we were riding. We laughed, until he swung and managed to loop under his glasses, and hit himself in the eye. He lost control of his bike and fell over. I hadn't reacted, ran over his legs, and fell off the bike looking at the street light ahead of me.

Everything was suddenly pitch dark. I don't mean that kind of dark, I mean a darkness beyond recognition. Even being in a deep cavern with no reflecting light isn't as dark as this. It wasn't hostile or threatening, but just was. I feel my feet shuffle forward instinctively against a wooden stage. It felt freshly polished, but the wood itself had worn from the years people had walked these steps before. A blinding beam engulfed me and the stage from above me, from what I cannot tell you. I couldn't see beyond this light, but I knew I was in it, seeing my features of myself being etched into life, like a line artist breathing active life as they draw their work.

I only sensed and saw confusion and perplexity, and when my vision restored to a first-person perspective, I heard voices. Hushed murmurs in front of me unknown number of entities. I didn't see anything, but I remember sensing that I had a Roman coliseum in front of me, and a multitude of angels, demons, and deities were in the stands, muttering quietly to themselves. Two lines suddenly become clear between two masculine voices in front of me: "What is she doing here?" "It isn't her time yet."

To my left, a light in the shape of a doorway appeared. It had a black spot growing in it, as if something was approaching me, and my friend, Todd, began to call out, "Lynette!"

I pondered, approaching the light tunnel slowly. “Todd?” I thought to myself.

"Lynette! Lynette, come on!" No sooner than the black spot had turned to Todd's form and I began to enter the tunnel, I opened my eyes to discover I was turned over the opposite way from the street light, eyes locked on with a car tire attached to an SUV hauling itself at 45-mph towards me, and I managed to be on my feet within a split second. I was not very athletic or fit, mind you. I stared at the car in disbelief, then turned to my friend whose eyes were just as big as mine felt. If I didn't wake up when I did, I would've had my head crushed by that car. I still don't know who or what exactly was judging me, how many entities there were, or exactly where I was. I just know I'm lucky to be alive.


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