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Woman hemorrhaged and met her deceased father

I experienced a miscarriage and took a pill to induce an abortion of the fetus, but because of complications, I bled too much.

After passing out at home, I was taken to the ER in an ambulance where I continued to bleed excessively and pass out 4-5 more times. Each time got progressively more intense, with my body heating up and a comforting warmth taking over. Each time was like a roller coaster dream, and events sped up in a matter of minutes.

The last time that I lost consciousness I fell into the deepest, warmest most comfortable state. I was far from the hospital bed and the stresses of my body and the grief of my miscarriage and the looming pandemic. I was in this dark tunnel that sloped uphill toward a bright light and my deceased father was there, holding out his hand in the most welcoming way. He didn't speak with words just his thoughts. I had missed him so much since he had died 7 months before and was so happy to see him.

He held out his hand and told me he was there for me. I was so comforted to see him and lulled in a way by his presence. I wanted to follow him up through the tunnel. He didn't try to convince me to come with him, he just was there, supportive in the best ways. Quickly I realized what this meant and that I wasn't ready to let go of my life. My family still needed me, my young son especially, my life wasn't over. I shook my head and said no, I'm not ready and he understood. Then I came to.

This experience was extremely comforting to me. It gave me a sense that my father was still there for me. Though I am not a religious person or really very spiritual, this experience made me curious about life after death. The near-death experience made me feel more connected to my purpose in life, and more "grounded" to my life here for my family and my community. I wasn't questioning any of it before but through this experience I was reassured that I have love here on earth and maybe beyond it too.

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