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Physicist Uses NDEs To Clarify The Nature Of Time

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Just as intriguing, this understanding of physical dimensionality matches some views of spiritual psychology, as expressed for example in a book by psychology-philosopher Michael Washburn, professor at Indiana University, and summarized years before Dr. Saniga had published his works, as follows:

Washburn asserts that who we ordinarily think we are (our ego) is only a part of our experience. The vaster part he calls the Dynamic Ground, in which he unites what others call our unconscious, our instincts, our libido, and the spiritual forces that inspire us. ...

Because the ego will cause its own misery if it remains closed to the Dynamic Ground (which it made unconscious during early childhood), people can hardly avoid a spiritual life eventually. The everso- common ‘mid-life crisis’, like the ancient’s ‘dark night of the soul’, is the opening of the ego to the forces it had closed itself off from, during its earlier (and necessary) stage of development.

Our ego, in other words, is good enough at operating in the 3- dimensional world of matter and unilinear time, but cannot of itself encompass the world of eternity in which this 3-dimensional world is suspended.9

In agreement with this psycho-spiritual understanding, Saniga’s equations show that our 3-dimensional ‘time-bound’ world might indeed be suspended within a much vaster, endless, world of eternity. He adds a particular category of mathematics called “Cremona transformations” to reveal that our usual world of 3 spatial dimensions and 1 time dimension may very well be just an “island” in a much larger “sea” that is its opposite. As Dr. Saniga expressed this mathematical discovery to his academic colleagues:

There exists a totally amazing 3-to-1 splitting in the character of…fundamental elements. . . .The far prevailing mode spatial dimension...and three time dimensions. The .... [everyday] configuration of 3 spatial with 1 time dimension can be seen as a mere ‘island’ in the ‘sea’ of 1+3’s.10 

How have his colleagues responded to this model? “The reaction has been positive,” he wrote me, “but so far not many people have delved deeply into the ideas behind it.” Jonathan Smith, mathematician at the University of Iowa, said, “I’m skeptical at the moment—but I’m willing to be convinced.” At the same time, one Harvard astrophysicist wrote:

Saniga demonstrates that there are coordinate systems within a simple transformation of our present system that explain the broad range of time phenomena found in the psychiatric literature. Of course the demonstration that this is possible does not prove that it is true, but it does explain a lot of ‘data’. And that is all you can ever ask of such a theory, so it deserves to be read and pondered.

Consider an analogy to the Einstein relativity principle, which showed that you do some transformation of the time and space coordinate systems to produce the result that the velocity of light is always constant, and all mass has an equivalence principle where the gravity associated with mass is equivalent to acceleration. The report by Saniga reads a lot like Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, while the part equivalent to the General Theory of Relativity remains to be discovered. 


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