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Physicist Uses NDEs To Clarify The Nature Of Time

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In other words, our “arrow of time always moving forward” experience, seems to be strongly related to what we humans create as our experience of time, not to any invariable aspect of physical time itself.

So in order for Dr. Saniga to encompass within one model both the conventional notions of physical time and the subtleties of human ‘subjective’ time, he found it necessary to expand beyond the simple line model of time. Consequently, instead of representing each event as simply a single point along a line of time, he found that a single event can more accurately be represented as a curved line within a group of “conics” (curves like parabolas and hyperbolas). And to express that most precisely, most scientifically, Dr. Saniga found that he should use both geometry (which is the mathematics for describing shapes like those curves) and algebra (which is the mathematics for describing relationships among such shapes).

To his surprise and delight, this combined ‘algebraic-geometry’ description then accurately predicted many variations in time that scientists have already observed in both the physical and the psychological worlds. The resulting model is a series of diagrams and equations that embrace the “ordinary” and the “anomalous” manifestations of time, including the following near-death experiences Dr. Saniga selected from the writings of NDErs and their researchers:

(1) “After...going through this long, dark place, all of my childhood thoughts, my whole entire life was there at the end of this tunnel, just flashing in front of me....Not one thing at a time, but ...everything at one time. It was just all there at once.” [An experiencer quoted in Dr. Raymond Moody’s 1975 book, Life after Life5].

(2) “Personal flash-forwards...take place while an individual is undergoing an NDE...It is as though the individual sees something of the whole trajectory of his life, not just past events...To the NDEr they represent events of a conditional future — i.e., if he chooses to return to life then these events will ensue. In this sense, a personal flash-forward may be likened to a “memory” of future events. [Dr. Kenneth Ring, in his 1984 book, Heading Towards Omega6].


  When Dr. Saniga moves from such human experiences of time to cosmological conditions of time, his model suggests what might have occurred during the creation of our universe. “There is a growing suspicion among physicists,” he reports, “that the Universe might have been born with a different dimensionality than what we observe [today].” Specifically, instead of the 3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time that we are used to, the early Big Bang situation would seem to have been the opposite: only one dimension of space—accompanied by three dimensions of time.7 And instead of this startling notion having to remain a mere speculation, Dr. Saniga states that his model can, in principle, be tested by astronomers in the near-future, once sensing devices that look into deep space become more sensitive— because his equations predict that one of our current three dimensions of space should be slightly different from the other two spatial dimensions.8  


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