2010 Denver

2010 North American Conference

2010 IANDS Conference, Denver, CO 

Mysteries of Near-Death Experiences

Perspectives from Experiencers, Science, and Spirituality  

Denver, CO ~ September 2-4, 2010


Conference highlights:


Conference topics:

  1. Explore strategies to promote disclosure, description and classification of the "mysteries" associated with NDEs.
  2. Compare and contrast insights of an NDE as viewed from experiencer, scientific and/or spiritual perspectives.
  3. Discuss future research on reported facets of "mysteries" related to Near-Death Experiences.
  4. Identify possible practices which might be used to support the NDEer in his/her attempts to integrate an experience from multiple perspectives.

Keynote speakers:  Pim van Lommel, Jane Katra and Maggie Callanan.

Other speakers included PMH AtwaterNancy Clark, Jeffrey Long, Melvin MorseKimberly Sharp, and Claude Swanson. Click for the full List of Speakers and Titles.


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