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Full Set of 11 DVDs 2006 

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This unique set of eleven DVDs are all the presentations from the first 2 days of the 2006 IANDS Conference and represent a comprehensive review of all of the research on NDEs through 2005.
  1 - History, Controversy, and Ethical Implications in the Field
       of Near-Death Studies
  2 - Pleasurable Western Adult NDEs: Circumstances and
  3 - Pleasurable Western Adult NDEs: Aftereffects
  4 - Distressing Western NDEs: Circumstances, Contents, and
  5 - Western Children's and Teens' NDEs
  6 - Characteristics of Western NDErs
  7 - NDEs throughout History and across Cultures
  8 - World Religions and NDEs
  9 - Explanatory Models of NDEs
  10 - Veridical Perception in NDEs
  11 - Practical and Ethical Implications of NDE Research for
         Palliative, End-of-Life, and Other Clinical Care and
         Educational Settings 

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