2001 Seattle

Veridical Perception During NDEs

2001 North American Conference

Conference Presentation Materials

Veridical Perception During NDEs: What Have We Learned, and Where Are We Going?

presented by
Janice Holden,Ed.D.
Jeffrey Long,M.D.

Note that this is a presentation made by individuals at an IANDS conference, and does NOT necessarily represent the views of the IANDS organization.

You can view the material directly (Powerpoint: 710Kb) or, if this is too large for your connection, download a zip file (Zip archive: 330Kb), unzip and view it on your computer.

Veridical perception occurs when NDErs apparently accurately perceive earthly events from a vantage point outside their physical bodies - events that are imperceptible from the vantage point of their physical bodies.  Because veridical NDEs can potentially be corroborated, these experiences hold great promise to help establish whether NDEs are "real".  The presenters review published research about veridical perception; report on the results of a current, large-scale study of self-reported verdical NDErs; describe a planned experimental study of veridical NDEs in the hospital setting; and seek feedback from participants and answer their questions.

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