IANDS Conference News

2013 Conference Featured Speakers!

2013 IANDS Conference

August 29 - September 1 at the Sheraton Crystal City Hotel in Arlington, VA

EbenAlexander-sm2Eben Alexander, MD - neurosurgeon and near-death experiencer, author of Proof of Heaven

anitamoorjani-sm2 Anita Moorjani - near-death experiencer and cancer survivor, author of Dying to Be Me

maryneal-sm2Mary Neal, MD - orthopedic surgeon and near-death experiencer, author of To Heaven and Back

Register Now!Other Featured Speakers: Bill Guggenheim (Hello From Heaven), PMH Atwater (Near-Death Experiences, The Rest of the Story)

Panels of experts:

  • Parents on Coping with a Child's Suicide or Sudden Death - comfort from NDEs and after-death communications
  • Physicians Who Have Had an NDE - how it changed their practices with patients
  • Chaplains on Death and Dying - insights from NDEs in working with the aging and hospice
  • Latest in NDE Research
       ... and many more speakers, panels and workshops!

Conference schedule:
  • Thursday, August 29, 1-9 PM: conference presentations, workshops, special evening event
  • Friday – Sunday, August 30 - September 1: conference presentations, workshops, Saturday social evening

    Workshops are priced separately from the Conference.

2013 IANDS Conference

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