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IANDS 2011 Conference featured in The Epoch Times

Dr. Bruce GreysonThe recent IANDS Conference held in Durham, NC has been featured in a front-page article in The Epoch Times. Reporter Stephanie Lam highlights the conference through the words of the three keynote speakers, Bruce Greyson, Eben Alexander and Raymond Moody. In recounting his NDE in 2008, Dr. Alexander asked "How does a dying brain end up getting far, far more powerful and able to handle these tremendous loads of information instantaneously and put it altogether?" Dr. Greyson believes that researchers have just scratched the surface of the NDE but in the future we will learn more about the causes of NDE. According to Dr. Moody, with evidence from shared death experiences "there has now been a genuine—and I would underline 'genuine'—solid step toward rational comprehension of the afterlife." Part 2: NDE aftereffects. Part 3: Are NDEs hallucinations? Part 4: A theory of consciousness based on NDEs. Part 5: A neurosurgeon's perspective.

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