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Live StreamWe have a fantastic program (see full schedule): featured speakers, four NDEr panels, and panels of STErs, ADCers, Veteran NDErs, and Chaplains.

Live Streaming is Available! If you aren’t able to attend the 2017 Conference, you can Live Stream over 22 hours of presentations on your smartphone or computer for only $125.00. Register for Live Streaming NOW!  Read More!

Featuring Eben Alexander, Jean Watson, Mark Anthony, and Marjorie Woollacott
Plus a special presentation by Larry Dossey

We have a fantastic program (see the full schedule). In addition to the keynote and special presentations listed above, we have over 40 additional presentations including four NDEr panels, and panels of STErs, ADCers, Veteran NDErs, and Chaplains. Plus 11 great workshops. Register for the Conference NOW!

2017 THEME - LOVE, LIGHT and HEALING ENERGY: Affirming Near-Death Experiences: Love and healing energy from the Light are the most frequent and powerful messages brought back by NDErs. Affirmation comes from evidence and corroboration of these experiences gained through both personal testimony and research of the NDE phenomena. This conference is for anyone who has ever been touched by a Near-Death or Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE), as well as researchers and others who seek affirmation and greater awareness of the experience.  Many people have had this experience.  You are not alone. OPEN TO EVERYONE interested in these experiences!


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