Raymond Moody, MD, PhD

Raymond Moody, MD, PhD
Raymond Moody, MD, PhD

In 1975, with his book Life after Life, Dr. Raymond Moody coined the term near-death experience (NDE) and formally launched the field of near-death studies. Thirty years later, Life after Life is probably still the single most recognized book title on the topic of NDEs. Dr. Moody will be the luncheon speaker on the first day of the conference.

Raymond Moody earned a PhD in philosophy in 1969 and an MD in 1976. He was inspired to study near-death experiences in 1965 when he heard George Ritchie, MD, describe his own NDE. Since 1975, Dr. Moody has pursued interests in other transpersonal phenomena such as the psychomanteum, a specific setting that can help people experience apparitions of deceased loved ones. However, he continues to be in demand worldwide to speak about his pioneering work and ongoing interest in NDEs.

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