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Nancy Clark, PhD

Nancy Clark, PhDNancy Clark, Ph.D. is a Medical Intuitive, an international lecturer and workshop facilitator on a variety of subjects. She is a certified neurolinguistic programmer and hypnotherapist.

Nancy Clark has had two near-death experiences. In 1991, she spontaneously began to see inside the body. (At that time, she had never heard the term, “medical intuitive.”) Within two months she had begun working with people who initially wanted a session. Within a short period of time, clients were asking to learn how to do what she was doing.

At the same time, Clark was invited to begin work on several projects to reduce stress in post-communist countries. As a result, her work has been presented at the European Professional Psychologists Association and the Adlerian Summer Institute. Other major projects included summer camps for teens and preteens most recently held in Slovakia. Clark discovered that young people in those countries lacked a sense of self-identity. At the camp they develop trust, responsibility and a positive self-image.

Available on Amazon.ocm Dr. Clark has authored several books, the most recent, The Energy Healer's Guide: An Integrative Medicine Program for Self-Development and Teaching, published in November, 2011, is also available as an e-book on Amazon.

Dr. Clark currently works with several university professors and medical doctors in various countries.  She has been on television and radio as well as her public appearances. In addition to speaking at many universities and colleges, she has given talks at the United Nations in New York.
Dr. Clark has a private counseling practice with energy healing sessions whether in person or long distance. The goal of each visit is to discover disruptions in the body's energy fields and balance them. She has found that it is also important to discover and reprogram the cause of the problem. One session can save the client years of therapy.
Dr. Clark presently teaches a 100-hour course including study and clinics in “Becoming a Medical Intuitive” and an advanced 25 hour course on "Becoming a Medical Intuitive Instructor". Her web site is www.energyhealing.com.

PMH Atwater, LHD

PMH Atwater, LHD
PMH Atwater, LHD

Self-employed Researcher, Author, Speaker
Charlottesville, VA


Dr. Atwater began investigation of NDEs in 1978. With material from over 4,000 adult and child experiencers, she has written seven books. As a result of her writings, she has been invited to speak around the world, serving as one of the foremost global ambassadors of NDEs. During the 2006 IANDS Conference, Dr. Atwater reported her observations from her travels in her presentation, "Who in the World is Interested in NDEs?" 

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Nancy Evans Bush, MA

Nancy Evans Bush, MA
Nancy Evans Bush, MA

Ms. Bush is retired from a career in education, non-profit administration, and pastoral counseling. She authored the first research-based article on children's NDEs and is a long-time investigator, with Bruce Greyson, MD, of distressing NDEs. She is the author of the new book on distressing NDEs, Dancing Past the Dark: Distressing Near-Death Experiences.
President Emerita of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, Ms. Bush's early professional publications included articles on pediatric nurse practitioner education in several peer-reviewed nursing journals. Her 24-year affiliation with the field of near-death studies includes more than 100 speaking engagements throughout the United States, editorship of the magazine Vital Signs, publications, and consultancy to most of the early radio and television programs about near-death experiences.

Peter Fenwick, DPM, MRCPsych, FRCPsych

Peter Fenwick, DPM
Peter Fenwick, DPM

Consultant Neuropsychiatrist Emeritus
Maudsley Hospital
Honorary Senior Lecturer
Institute of Psychiatry
London, England

Dr. Fenwick's NDE research has included one of the largest retrospective studies and co-investigation with Sam Parnia, MD, of one of the best known prospective studies. Dr. Fenwick co-presented with Russell Noyes, MD, "Aftereffects of Pleasurable Western Adult NDEs" during the 2006 IANDS Conference.

Dr. Fenwick has carried out a number of research projects, and has both published and presented research papers, on near-death experiences. He also is working currently in hospices with caregivers of the dying. Through his work at a neuroscience unit, he is involved on a daily basis with brain imaging methods, neurophysiological investigation of the brain, and current theories of consciousness. Dr. Fenwick is the 2004 recipient of the International Association for Near-Death Studies' Bruce Greyson Research Award.

Bruce Greyson, MD

Bruce Greyson, MD

Carlson Professor of Psychiatry
Director, Division of Perceptual Studies
Department of Psychiatric Medicine
University of Virginia Health System


Dr. Greyson is the foremost active researcher in the field of near-death studies and the long-time editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies. He presented "Explanatory Models of NDEs" during the 2006 IANDS Conference.

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