Impact of the Near-Death Experience on Grief and Loss - What meaning can I make of my loss?

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What meaning can I make of my loss, based on near-death and related experiences?

From near-death and related experiences, a bereaved person can find implications that the deceased did not suffer at the time of death, that he/she may continue to exist healthfully in some other form and dimension, that contact might occur between the deceased and the bereaved person, and that a reunion might await the deceased and the bereaved.  At the same time, a very strong implication is that each person's life has a purpose, and there are probably reasons beyond our understanding as to why some people die from earthly existence while others are left to continue on in that existence.  As a group, NDErs would tend to say that, by learning to endure the (apparently) temporary separation from those we love who have gone ahead into death, we enable ourselves to fulfill the purpose of our own earthly existence: to continue our own process of psychospiritual development.  Knowledge of neardeath experiences cannot take away all the hurt and pain associated with a loved one's death, but it can provide some comfort and can help a grieving person endure the loss.



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