2013 Monthly IANDS Leaders Teleconference Schedule (usually the THIRD Tuesday of each month at 9 pm Eastern time). (IANDS members click here to download the available mp3 recordings of conference call guest speakers):

Tuesday, Jan 22 -- featured speaker/topic – Lono Ho'ala – From his earliest years he knew he was born to be a priest.  He talked about it so frequently his parents sent him to a Benedictine Monastery when he was 13 yrs. old. When he was 18, he left not only the monastery, but also the Catholic Church. The truth he was being taught didn't reconcile with what he felt. In 1982, Lono had been by his own description a Colorado cowboy, and at 34 yrs. old, he was electrocuted in a flooded crawlspace under his home.  This was his first near-death experience, followed by a second nde two years later, when his heart stopped due to the electrical damage previously caused.

Tuesday, Feb 19 -- featured speaker/topic – Yolaine Stout – Author & Experiencer, founding director of ACISTE. Yolaine Stout had her NDE due to a suicide attempt in 1982 in which she was told to stop wasting her life thinking she wasn't loved. An atheist at the time, that single sentence spoken by Jesus and experience of a greater reality flipped her world around and inside out. Healed from severe anemia and depression, she became involved with nonprofit development in 1990. She is now the founding director of ACISTE (www.aciste.org) and was also past President of IANDS, after serving as co-leader of the IANDS group in San Diego. During her involvement, she saw the tremendous need for a greater understanding of the integration process and support system for experiencers. She is author of "Six Major Challenges Faced by Near-Death Experiencers" published in the Journal of Near-Death Studies, co-facilitated the first IANDS retreat for near-death experiencers with Linda Jacquin, Dave Bennett and Bill Taylor. Yolaine will share a bit about her NDE and work, but also wants to talk about the collaboration with ACISTE and IANDS in the interest of serving experiencers – in particular about getting input from leaders about difficult issues some experiencers face.

Tuesday, Mar 19 -- featured speaker/topic – Mari Kelley has had 2 NDEs in her lifetime and has used her knowledge of the light to work with others in need. She is a retired Professional RN, Healing Touch International Practitioner and Instructor, and a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda and Zambia. The LA IANDS Affiliate Group is supporting Mari Kelley in her quest to repopulate the livestock in the Northern Uganda community where she volunteered.

Tuesday, Apr 16 -- featured speaker/topic – Rich Martini, award winning American film director, producer, screenwriter and free lance journalist, will talk about the findings of his extensive research for his book "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife" upon which his 90 minute documentary of the same name is based. He'll discuss his incredible journey finding evidence for the afterlife, life between lives, and soul groups; how we plan the circumstances of our next life when we were between lives, when the soul enters the body, and much more. YouTube talk about Flipside book.

Tuesday, May 21 -- featured speaker/topic – Reverend Peter B. Panagore has been an ordained minister for twenty years. He appears every morning on two NBC television affiliates in Maine for his two-minute Daily Devotions segments, and his stories are broadcast daily on radio stations across the east coast. Since 2003, he has been the minister for the First Radio Parish Church of America, the author of Two minutes for God. During an ill prepared mountain climbing adventure Peter died on the mountain. With his mountain climbing experience and the hand of God he returned to tell his captivating story. His story in detail can be found here.

Tuesday, Jun 18 -- featured speaker/topic – Kris Williams, experiencer: In spiritual discussions about the nature of reality, strong opinions can weigh in, some supporting "dualistic" perspectives embracing our individualism and separation, as well as more profound separation, such as good and evil. "Non-dualistic" unitive understandings of reality also exist, in which the interconnected oneness of all existence is celebrated. Debate rages. How is one to chose? And is any of this important anyway? Some answers to these questions will be supplied by Kris in this meeting, when she shares the near-death experience she had at the age of 14, one in which she traveled into both dual and non-dual spiritual realms. This might contribute significantly to our understandings of what it's ALL about, and how it's put together.

Tuesday, Jul 16 -- featured speaker/topic – Kiki Corbin, experiencer, has no fear of death whatsoever. In fact, she says enthusiastically, "I can't wait! To me, dying is great." It's not that she doesn't love this life, being a mother and grandmother. But Kiki has experienced the Other Side – not just from the three near-death experiences she had, but also through living on both sides simultaneously. For her, the experiences "split open" the divide that most people never realize exists. And, she says, "The veil between dimensions has never fully returned." In 1990, she died after falling from a horse and suffering severe brain injuries. In 2006, she was hit by a car and tossed 50 feet. And a couple of years later, she had a heart attack. On each occasion she met Jesus – a surprise to her in that she was very spiritual, but not religious. In her first NDE, Kiki had a life review, re-living parts of her life that had an underlying message. She saw how she had intervened in family arguments, taking sides, and "adding fuel to the fire." As she witnessed these events, she was asked by Jesus, 'How could you have been more loving?' "And I knew immediately I could have been a peacemaker." There was, however, no judgment. "The primary reason we take on a body is to learn how to become more loving," she says. "There's a level of ego that we all have that wants to punish somebody else, that wants to be superior to somebody else. Even if it's just an attitude."

Tuesday, Aug 20 -- featured speaker/topic – Ken Prather, two-time NDEr. In 1998, Ken received a brutal beating by five men with baseball bats, it was due to this beating that he spent 32 days on life support, three months in the hospital and three years in a nursing home. It was during this time on life support that he experienced his second Near Death Experience. It was truly his path of destiny, and on this path, the birth of Reaching For Joy (inspired by my daughters business, Joys House) not only became a vision and a gift from the Other Side, but mostly a reality on the Earthly plane.

Tuesday, Sep 17 -- featured speaker/topic – Robert Bare of Florence, Oregon, who  “just dropped dead” while boarding a plane. His appearance last year on the Biography Channel’s I Survived… Beyond and Back – was the highest rated in the show’s history! Ironically – or not – several weeks before his NDE  Robert had several powerful precognitive dreams, one of them so intense he awoke in a cold sweat because in it, his deceased mother told him he was going to die soon.  As paramedics worked to revive him, Robert left his body twice.  “I just gravitated to this beautiful white light,” he recalls. “I saw some colors I had never seen before.”  He communicated with another entity who asked him, “What good have you done in life?”  And then he had a comprehensive life review.  “It was the reckoning of my life,” he states.  “You feel everything - you’re watching it, but you’re in it, too.”  Robert survived and went through an arduous recovery process.  About his NDE, he says, “It changed my life, totally.”  He adds, “I only want to do good in my life.”

Tuesday, Oct 15 -- featured speaker/topic – Rev. Terri Daniel, Interfaith faith minister, certified transition guide, author. Terri offers a unique perspective on birth, death and beyond. Her unique form of "radical mysticism" breaks down limiting beliefs about forgiveness, divine judgment and negative experience, and replaces them with an empowering vision of a co-created universe where there are no victims or perpetrators, only souls seeking expansion and awareness. Terri is the founder of the Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference, which is now entering its fourth year and features the world’s leading experts in afterlife research, spiritual exploration, consciousness studies and death-awareness.

Tuesday, Nov 19 -- featured speaker/topic – Jessica Haynes had a near death experience in 1983. As a passenger in a car that crashed into a tree, her face, back, feet were severely injured. After surgery, the pain was excruciating with little hope to ever run, walk or look normal again. In her hospital room a loving presence came and said "If you want to let go, it will be okay". Jessica said yes to the loving angelic presence then Instantly she was in another realm. One with all. No more pain. In three life reviews, Jessica found her true life purpose.  Each life review showed her that if she had made different choices, the outcome she wanted could be created. She got her life back and retained that knowledge. Jessica's healing was unexplainable by top surgeons. Her fractured vertebrae and several smashed discs were healed.  The healing after her NDE began immediately. Her crushed face healed with no sign of scars. Jessica ran from Scenic Drive in Carmel to San Carlos without stopping within six months which she was told would be impossible. Jessica has much to offer in how to connect with choices we make ...... and....... who we invite into our lives.

Tuesday, Dec 17 -- featured speaker/topic – speaker was unable to connect for call.

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