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2017 Conference Call Calendar

2017 Monthly IANDS Leaders Teleconference Schedule (usually the THIRD Tuesday of each month at 9 PM Eastern time). (IANDS members click here to download the available mp3 recordings of conference call guest speakers):

Tuesday, Jan 17 -- featured speaker/topic – James Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, speaker, poet, and the author of eleven books.  He and his wife Elizabeth have been practicing Buddhism for over forty years with the Soka Gakkai International, a Buddhist lay organization of 12,000,000 members in 192 countries and territories, working for world peace, individual happiness, and the friendship of all peoples. Many people who have gone through near-death experiences, talk of crossing a bridge or river, or going through a tunnel, and then encountering a light. What is this light? In his talk, “Waking Up To Who You Really Are”, James Hilgendorf explores this topic, in the process drawing on many other topics and sources - from writers like Leo Tolstoy, Joseph Campbell, Arnold Toynbee, Carl Jung, and others, to the most cutting-edge theories of modern physics, to religious concepts such as karma, to the problem of suffering and happiness - to get at a portrait of who we really are, and what we are doing on this planet Earth, and where this civilization we inhabit is headed to in the next millennium or two. Visit his web site

Tuesday, Feb 21 -- featured speaker/topic – Yvonne Sneeden: Deep emotional life crisis lead to Yvonne’s Near Death Experience, in conjunction with strong medicines for heart arrhythmia. This profound and powerful life changing event, during which Yvonne visited a part of the place she calls ‘Heaven’, transcended her faith and heightened her understanding of Love, Compassion, Goodness, Kindness, and Acceptance of all. Since her profound experience, Yvonne is striving to bring the elements of the NDE into her daily life and in her interaction with others. She feels it is important to share what she learned from her NDE experience and bring it together for the common good of all and thus, help each and everyone of us to live a better life here in the now. Prior to her NDE, Yvonne’s professional career background includes working in the foreign diplomatic service in Europe. This has enabled her to meet people from around the world with very different backgrounds and through the course of her career, she has realized that regardless of the level of social and public influence people exercise, we are all on a journey. Yvonne is a member of both IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies) and ACISTE (American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences). Visit her web site.

Tuesday, Mar 21 -- featured speaker/topic – Richard Hughson was a close friend for 17 years of Tom Sawyer who had an extensive NDE in 1978 and finally died for good in 2007. He came back not only with responsibilities, some of which were very specific and global in nature, but also with the exceptional abilities needed to fulfill them. Tom was a class clown all his life. It was through him that Richard inadvertently found his spiritual job on this Earth which included being a professional clown and performer. Richard will talk about what he learned Tom and some of his experiences. He will answer, to the best of his ability, any questions on topics such as; the purpose of traveling the globe with Tom, psychic and/or spiritual healing, why suicide doesn't work, the true meaning of the tower of Babel, experiences of telepathic communication, why there are NDE's at all, the meaning of the phrase 'spiritual glue', healing the Dalai Lama. This will be an intense hour or more but promises to be a most enlightening evening.

Tuesday, Apr 18 -- featured speaker/topic – Lewis Brown Griggs was born of direct Mayflower heritage into privileged American aristocracy, so his lifestyle had reflected that ethnocentric value system. During the first of his two death experiences, Lewis discovered in a Conversation with God that we are on earth to fulfill a particular Purpose, and that he had not been on the right path. He was told that he must return to earth to teach people to appreciate and value the diversity in our common humanity. Since then, for thirty-five years his work has included teaching corporations that valuing diversity, relationship and Spirit maximizes personal & interpersonal & organizational effectiveness. To learn more about the work Lewis was guided to do, visit his website at www.Griggs.com. And if interested, go to his page on YouTube to watch his TEDx talk “The Gift of Near Death” as well as the documentary “Beyond Our Sight”. Then if you haven’t heard enough join us on Tuesday to hear about the deep learning from his recovery from his traumatic brain injury in his white water river accident. Visit his web site.

Tuesday, May 16 -- featured speaker/topic – Mari Kelley has had two NDEs, once at five years old and again in 1997 from an internal abdominal bleed due to complications from cardiac surgery. While technically dead, she had a wonderful experience in the Light and was met by a Brilliant Loving Being of Light and agreed to return to earth. She was told she could stay there and take a rest and go back in another incarnation or she could go back now. During this event, she experienced the incredible Dimension of Oneness. She will share not only both of the NDE experiences, but her memory of her incarnation and how the NDE was her evolution into a new life purpose commitment.

Tuesday, Jun 20 -- featured speaker/topic – Lesley Joan Lupo was declared dead when horses crushed her body against a barn. Watching from a few feet away, she then ascended and was taught by Light Beings.  Today she counsels others on their inner journeys. Lesley has written a book on her NDE due out next year, entitled "Every Breath Is Precious". This was the last message she received from her guides as she began her return from her experience. Background: Lesley lives in Tucson, Arizona. Born in Chicago she moved to Albuquerque for college where she earned a double major: a BA in Psych and a BFA in Studio Art. At the same time, other teachers habitually crossed her path: medicine women, shamans and a Wiccan high priestess. All taught her spiritual life lessons and how to hone her intuition. After school, she moved back to Chicago and worked in different jobs until she was a VP of Operations for a chain of French bistros. Next, she went to live in Morocco. Exporting handicrafts opened the door to global travels like her childhood hero, Marco Polo, and afforded her the chance to absorb all the colors and customs of the world’s different cultures. Ms. Lupo lived overseas for a few years and then returned to the States to settle in Arizona. She got married, became the VP of the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch, and had two children. After a divorce, she moved to live in a mesquite bosque on the outskirts of Tucson with her two children and a menagerie of chickens, peacocks, dogs and cats.  An Intuitive since birth, she put it on the back burner until she was caught in the horse stampede. The subsequent Near-Death Experience, and 2 ½ months recovery in the hospital with a major brain injury, altered how she prioritized her life. In fact, she had been an agnostic bordering on an atheist at the time, but the NDE opened the door to a spiritual life. It also brought her attention to the gift that she had toyed with but put aside for decades. Several months spent in different ashrams helped still her mind again, center herself on a spiritual path, and she began to expand her psychic gifts. Visit her website.

Tuesday, Jul 18 -- featured speaker/topic – Robin Aisha Landsong: In 1977, at 8 years old, Robin was abducted and taken to Africa. Abandoned out in the country, she was found and taken in by a local African tribe. Severely wounded when shot in the head by a guerilla soldier, Robin had a phenomenal NDE and only returned when Robin in spirit saw her adopting African mother crying in grief and singing a "Calling Song". When guerilla soldiers returned and attacked the village, Robin was told to flee.  Still weak from her wound, Robin passed out not far away. Villagers from a neighboring tribe found Robin and a woman from that tribe insisted on protecting her.  These new rescuers hid her and for her safety secretly took her to a white family across the border in South Africa. From there Robin was returned to her family in NY. Last month, 40 years after her abduction and rescues, Robin returned to Africa and was reunited with members of this second tribe, several of whom remembered Robin. Profound emotional experiences and healings were the result of these connections and from additional synchronistic moments.  Tune in for these gripping reflections -- and be sure to have a box of tissues close at hand. Visit her website.

Tuesday, Aug 15 -- featured speaker/topic – this presentation was canceled due to technical difficulties

Tuesday, Sep 19 -- featured speaker/topic – Terry Yoder is the survivor of three NDE’s and believes that each of these experiences acted as gateways in the development of who he is today. Terry’s first Near-Death Experience was at birth; followed by another at 14, which was his formal spiritual awakening and opened a number of ethereal gifts that set the stage for other extraordinary experiences. From these Terry has crafted his life’s ministry as a professional intuitive, psychic medium, and emotional empath. Terry’s spiritual transitions have been quite diverse and began with spending four years following his NDE at 14 deeply involved in fundamentalist Pentecostal Christianity. Evolving further his skills and knowledge, he now has over 36 years experience as a practicing metaphysician. He is based in San Francisco, on staff at ROHA Center for the Healing Arts, where he works among other holistic and spiritual healers, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, and body workers. Terry has hosted and been on a number of radio and TV programs; and is featured in documentary episodes of Beyond Our Sight and From the Other Side, which are in-depth views of Near-Death Experiences and Psychic Mediumship from personal, experiential, metaphysical, and scientific points of view. Visit his website.

Tuesday, Oct 17 -- featured speaker/topic – Deana Chase-Moore is a two-time NDEr, reflexologist and past-life reader. Deana was born in Missouri just before World War II. Her family soon moved and she grew up in California's Bay Area. During her early childhood, she had unusual experiences which were unexplainable for any three or four year old. The explanation took nearly thirty years to reveal itself, but this became a window to her life's work as a touch therapist. Two Near-Death Experiences revealed to Deana the truths of energy and how you view a different perspective of relationships, health and religion. Deana's story is one of the most intense and funny stories, about a child who didn't want to touch or be touched by other people, who became a massage therapist whose touch would reveal to her the past-lives of those she massaged.

Tuesday, Nov 14 -- featured speaker/topic – Heidi Craig was transformed by an NDE and feels she was called to help lead others on a spiritual path. "My name is Heidi. I live in southern California and I’m a single mom of three energetic and very hungry teenage boys. I work at a major shoe company as a credit analyst, and I had a near death experience (NDE). During my experience I received three messages over and over again. It is because of those messages that I want to share my experience and the messages that I received. My life changed drastically after my NDE. I started making positive changes in my life. I started to figure out who I was as a person, what I liked, what I wanted, and most importantly, that I needed to love myself. When I started to realize that I was worthy and deserving of love, I started to change. For some of my friends and family it was too much of a change, and I lost some of them along the way. After my experience, I learned that I had the ability to self-heal and to help others to heal because I can feel their pain. I can actually feel their mental, emotional and physical pain. I studied and learned about crystals, energy healing and the pendulum. In fact I had a small energy healing business for a few years called ACE Holistic Healing, where I used crystals, my connection to the angels and energy healing to help my clients."

Tuesday, Dec 19 -- featured speaker/topic – Adam Miller, "Unknown" Experience Launches 40+ Year Career as an Energy Healer. In 1977 Adam Miller at 18, having won a national competition, was a young rising skating star from California. He contracted double pneumonia and arrived in the emergency room with a temperature of 109. His body shut down and he was pronounced dead for 4 and a half minutes. During this episode, he had an astounding mystical experience that today is now labeled a “near-death” experience. “After my experience, I began to realize that I had the ability to self-heal and to help others to heal because I could feel their pain. I discovered I could actually feel their mental, emotional and physical pain. I began searching for an explanation and learned about crystals, energy healing and the pendulum. This resulted in a small energy healing business for a few years called ACE Holistic Healing, where I used crystals, my connection to the angels and energy healing to help my clients." Since that time Adam has been working as a spiritual healer with tens of thousands of people coming to see him and having miracles happen in their lives. More recently, Adam feels he has received a calling to “go public” with his story and abilities. He's writing a book about this journey called "The Least Likely Healer".


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