2012 Conference: Main speakers and topics!

2012 IANDS ConferenceVisions: 2012 and Beyond – Scottsdale, AZ, August 31 - September 2:
Keynote speakers:
• Dannion Brinkley, Mastering Life in this Time of Shift and Miracles.
• Tony Cicoria, MD, PhD, The "Accidental Pianist": An examination of life's greatest mystery: what happens when you die?
• Nancy Clark, PhD, 2012: The Path of One Heart.

Plenary speakers:
• Eben Alexander, MD, FACS, Consciousness and the NDE: Beyond 2012.
• David Bennett, Experiences in the Light & Visions of the Future.
• Frederic Delarue, Through the Eyes of Your Heart.

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Keynote speakers:

Dannion Brinkley• Dannion Brinkley, Mastering Life in this Incredible Time of Shift and Miracles. There is little doubt that we are living in a time of unprecedented change.  Never before has humanity played such a critical and necessary role in helping to shift and elevate mass consciousness. As we all come to understand the multi-dimensional universe we live in, we all become partly responsible for the ascension into higher levels of light and awareness. This is indeed the time long heralded by ancient prophets as the end times.  But what is ending is not the world. What is ending is a world motivated by greed, fueled with intolerance, and driven in chaos. Together, we are birthing the Golden Age of Peace as our planet simultaneously ascends into a higher dimension.

Dannion Brinkley will present concepts for mastering life in this incredible time of shift and miracles.  Dannion's ability to understand and help you achieve empowerment in these wondrous times, comes from being struck by lightning in 1975, dead for 28 minutes. He is considered a "walking miracle," having survived insurmountable odds, including two lightning strikes, open-heart surgery, brain surgery and a massive grand mal seizure. His three near-death experiences have left him with an extraordinary sense of perception.


Tony Cicoria• Tony Cicoria, MD, PhD, The "Accidental Pianist": An examination of life's greatest mystery: what happens when you die? A 42-year-old orthopedic surgeon is struck by lightning and experiences both an NDE and OBE. As a result of that, he develops musicophilia, composes music and performs that music. Dr. Cicoria's presentation will include a performance of his music and a presentation of cases representing conventional neurobiology versus unconventional paranormal phenomena in NDE/OBE. 

Nancy Clark• Nancy Clark, PhD, 2012: The Path of One Heart. The events happening in the world now have been foretold for thousands of years according to indigenous peoples throughout the planet. The main news for the past twenty five years has focused on the Mayan calendar but it is the only one of seventeen Mayan calendars that mentions December 21, 2012 as the end of time – as we know it. (Other calendars continue for another thousand years.) More recently, science and astronomy are verifying these ancient prophecies by revealing that Earth will be in the very center of our Galaxy on 12/21/12. What will this mean to humanity? The areas of education, politics, religion, finance and government will begin to shift and function from a higher level of consciousness. This will result in a population no longer focused on survival. Instead, humans will be living with much less stress and in loving harmony with mother Earth. Amazing and inspirational new people will come forward to lead the population into a compassionate, caring and interconnected awareness. This date is the beginning of an incredible future for our beloved planet.

Plenary speakers:

Eben Alexander, MD, FACSEben Alexander, MD, FACS, Consciousness and the Near-Death Experience: Beyond 2012. The Hard Problem of Consciousness may be the only conundrum in Science and Philosophy that is arguably beyond human solution, at least from a physicalist viewpoint.  The clues towards its resolution lie within near-death experiences (NDEs), and similar transcendental mystical journeys over millennia. A crucial key involves an NDE through severe bacterial meningitis, a most efficient model for human death due to its robust destruction of human brain, allowing a transcendental NDE in a neuroscientist. Global awakening to the reality of eternal, non-local consciousness begins in 2012.


David Bennett

• David Bennett, Experiences in the Light & Visions of the Future. I had two NDEs that showed me my future and during the integration of those experiences I was able to see the potentials of what lies ahead for our world and humanity. I will briefly share the portions of my veridical experiences that dealt with the future and then relate the communication I received about potential struggles and possible solutions. I would like to challenge the audience to look at the bigger picture of the world we live in today, realizing that only a few environmental disasters could push our already stressed social, political and economic structures into a very serious condition. The governments of the world could not support their citizens and communities in the ways we have come to rely on. Yet, the spiritual community embodies the qualities to overcome these challenges. Also, through my connection in social media I have found there is hope in the message that STErs around the world are conveying. I will share the ways given to me to circumvent these dire conditions and begin to deliver support that will reduce the stressors before a crisis occur.


FredericDelarue3• Frederic Delarue, Through the Eyes of Your Heart. This lecture is based on the two NDEs I had at age 12 and age 40, describing the specific journey of being in the coma to the Near-Death Experience. From my experience in the coma, I will talk about what could have led me to choose to go to the Light, what I learned and how I can help people with awareness in that situation. My vision on my life and life in general totally changed after these experiences. Opening people's eyes of their hearts and how they can choose to have a higher perspective and have a better vision of the events of their life if they choose to do a very easy exercise that can allow them to see things from a much higher angle. Frederic will play a selection of his music during the presentation.

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