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Topics Outline

Near-Death Experiences:
Index to the Periodical Literature through 2011

Topics Outline

Below is the Index outline of approximately 140 NDE-related topics that can be used to search the NDE Research Index for all articles that address a particular topic.

• Familiarize yourself with the Outline to find the Index topic(s) relevant to your focus of research.

• Go to Index - Topics, find your relevant Index topic(s), and click on Show Citations; citations of virtually all scholarly articles and many popular articles published through 2011 that addressed your topic(s) will be listed in alphabetical order by the sole or first author's last name.

Italics below indicate general topic categories that do not actually appear in the Index; regular font indicates categories that do actually appear. "NOS" means "not otherwise specified."

Accounts of NDEs

Accounts of NDEs—Autobiographical

Accounts of NDEs—Biographical, Cases

Aftereffects of NDEs

Aftereffects of NDEs—Cognitive

Aftereffects of NDEs—Emotional

Aftereffects of NDEs—Orientation to Death (attitudes, values, behaviors toward death, including suicide attitudes)

Aftereffects of NDEs—Orientation to Life (attitudes, values, behaviors toward life)

Aftereffects of NDEs—Out-of-Body Experiences

Aftereffects of NDEs—Paranormal Phenomena (intuition, déjà vu, ESP [clairvoyance, telepathy, psychokinesis, seeing auras])

Aftereffects of NDEs—Physical Changes (for example, sensations, drug sensitivity)

Aftereffects of NDEs—Religion

Aftereffects of NDEs—Sense of Self, Psychological and Physical (for example, self-concept, relationship to body)

Aftereffects of NDEs NOS

Afterlife, Belief in

Afterlife, NDEers’ Descriptions of

Altered States and NDEs (including altered states of consciousness)

Animals and NDEs (including pets)

Artificial Intelligence and NDEs

Birth Trauma and NDEs

Characteristics of NDErs

Characteristics of NDErsAge

Characteristics of NDErs—Age, Adults

Characteristics of NDErs—Age, Children-Adolescents

Characteristics of NDErs—Age NOS

Characteristics of NDErs—Education Level

Characteristics of NDErs—Gender

Characteristics of NDErs—Marital Status

Characteristics of NDErs—Occupation

Characteristics of NDErs—Psychic Abilities

Characteristics of NDErs—Psychological Profile

Characteristics of NDErs—Religious Affiliations

Characteristics of NDErs—Socioeconomic Status

Characteristics of NDErs—Trauma and Abuse (history of)

Characteristics of NDErs NOS

Characteristics of NDEs (Phenomena during)

Characteristics of NDEs—Autoscopy, Out-of-Body

Characteristics of NDEsEmotions (including affective quality)

Characteristics of NDEs—Emotions, Distressing

Characteristics of NDEs—Emotions, Pleasurable (feelings of being “home,” unconditional love)

Characteristics of NDEs—Emotions NOS

Characteristics of NDEsEncountering Beings

Characteristics of NDEs—Encountering Beings, Deceased or Living

Characteristics of NDEs—Encountering Beings, Spiritual (including demons)

Characteristics of NDEs—Encountering Beings NOS

Characteristics of NDEs—Increased Knowledge, Thoughts

Characteristics of NDEs—Life Review

Characteristics of NDEs—Light, Mystical

Characteristics of NDEs—Other-Worldly Environments

Characteristics of NDEsParapsychological Phenomena

Characteristics of NDEs—Parapsychological Phenomena, ESP (includes telepathy and clairvoyance)

Characteristics of NDEs—Parapsychological Phenomena, Precognition (includes prophecy)

Characteristics of NDEs—Parapsychological Phenomena NOS

Characteristics of NDEs—Perception of Time

Characteristics of NDEsReturn (including barriers)

Characteristics of NDEs—Return, Involuntary (told)

Characteristics of NDEs—Return, Voluntary (decision)

Characteristics of NDEs—Return NOS

Characteristics of NDEsSensory

Characteristics of NDEs—Sensory, Kinesthetic (including movement, warmth, pain)

Characteristics of NDEs—Sensory, Smell

Characteristics of NDEsSensory, Sound

Characteristics of NDEs—Sensory, Sound, Hearing (including internal voices)

Characteristics of NDEs—Sensory, Sound, Music

Characteristics of NDEs—Sensory, Sound NOS

Characteristics of NDEs—Sensory, Vision

Characteristics of NDEs—Sensory NOS

Characteristics of NDEs—Tunnel Experiences

Characteristics of NDEs NOS

Circumstances of NDEs

Circumstances of NDEs—Accident

Circumstances of NDEs—Combat-Related

Circumstances of NDEs—Consciousness and Unconsciousness

Circumstances of NDEs—Hospital

Circumstances of NDEs—Illness

Circumstances of NDEs—Induced Chemically

Circumstances of NDEs—Induced Non-chemically

Circumstances of NDEs—Stress

Circumstances of NDEs—Suicide

Circumstances of NDEs—Time Elapse

Circumstances of NDEs NOS

Corroborative NDEs (see Veridical Perception)

Counseling NDErs (before, during, and after)

Cross-Cultural NDEs (outside the U.S.)

Cultural, Social Influences on NDEs

Definition of NDEs

Disabilities and NDEs (for example, blind, deaf, paraplegic)

Disclosure of NDEs

Dreams and NDEs

Education about NDEs

Evolution and NDEs (of the species and social change)

Explanations of NDEs

Explanations of NDEs—Parapsychological

Explanations of NDEs—Philosophical

Explanations of NDEsPhysiological

Explanations of NDEs—Physiological, Anoxia

Explanations of NDEs—Physiological, Neurological, Brain

Explanations of NDEs—Physiological NOS

Explanations of NDEs—Psychological

Explanations of NDEs—Sociological

Explanations of NDEs NOS

Famous People’s NDEs

Healing and NDEs

Healing and NDEs—Physical

Healing and NDEs—Psychological

Health Care Professionals and NDEs

Health Care Professionals and NDEs—Medical

Health Care Professionals and NDEs—Psychological

Historical Perspectives on NDEs

Humor About NDEs

Hypnosis and NDEs

Interpretations of NDEs (personal accounts)

Kundalini and NDEs

Language and NDEs

Literature, Fictional (fictional accounts of NDEs)

Media Treatment of NDEs

Mental Processes and NDEs (including memory)

Methodology in NDE Research (including assessment)

Nearing Death and NDEs

Nearing Death and NDEs—Deathbed Visions

Nearing Death and NDEs NOS

Non-NDErs' Attitude Change after Learning about NDEs

Non-NDErs' Attitudes toward NDEs

Psychopathology and NDEs

Psychopathology and NDEs—Depersonalization

Psychopathology and NDEs—Dissociation

Psychopathology and NDEs—Hallucinations

Psychopathology and NDEs NOS

Psychopharmacology and NDEs

Psychopharmacology and NDEs—Anesthesia

Psychopharmacology and NDEs NOS

Reactions to NDEr—by Family, Spouse

Reincarnation and NDEs

Related Experiences

Related Experiences—NDE-Like

Related Experiences—UFO

Related Experiences NOS

Religion and NDEs

Religion and NDEs—Buddhism

Religion and NDEs—Christianity

Religion and NDEs—Christianity, Mormonism

Religion and NDEs—Hinduism

Religion and NDEs—Indigenous Cultures

Religion and NDEs—Islam (including Sufism)

Religion and NDEs—Judaism (including Hassidism)

Religion and NDEs—Mysticism

Religion and NDEs NOS

Science and NDEs (including physics and natural sciences)

Sensory Deprivation (including NDEs in the blind)

Shamanism and NDEs

Spiritualism and NDEs (as distinguished from spirituality)

Spirituality and NDEs

Thanatology and NDEs

Theories, NDE-Related, Psychological

Theories, NDE-Related, Psychological—Grof

Theories, NDE-Related, Psychological—Jung

Veridical Perception during NDEs (including corroborative NDEs)

Index to NDE Periodical Literature

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Near-Death Experiences:
Index to the Periodical Literature
1877 through 2011

The NDE Index is an invaluable tool for finding almost every article about NDEs published in English between 1877 and 2011. The Index does not contain the actual text of the articles, but tells what has been written and where to find it. Many of the articles are available for free or for purchase on this website, and other reprints can be obtained from libraries and the publishers listed in the Index. 

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  • Categorization of articles by 135 NDE-related topics
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