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Journal of Near-Death Studies Volume 2

AnabiosisCoverJournal of Near-Death Studies (Anabiosis)

Vol 2 No 1, June 1982

  • Editor's Foreword • Bruce Greyson, M.D.
  • Meanings and Implications of NDEr Transformations: Some Preliminary Findings and Implications • Charles P. Flynn
  • The NDE Enlarged by Swedenborg's Vision • Leon S. Rhodes
  • The Book on Life Beyond by Bâ Yin Râ: Death and Afterlife in Spiritual Perspective • Bodo Reichenbach
  • Precognitive and Prophetic Visions in Near-Death Experiences • Kenneth Ring
  • Pathophysiology of Stress-Induced Limbic Lobe Dysfunction: A Hypothesis for NDEs • Daniel Carr
  • Changes in Spirituality as Reported by Death-Workshop Attendees • John B. Alexander and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Vol 2 No 2, December 1982

  • Editor's Foreword • Bruce Greyson, M.D.
  • The Failure of Saganomics: Why Birth Models Cannot Explain Near-Death Phenomena • Carl B. Becker
  • Parapsychological Reflections on Some Tunnel Experiences • C.T.K. Chari
  • A Multivariate Method for the Classification of Preexisting Near-Death Conditions • Stuart W. Twemlow, Glen O. Gabbard and Lolafayne Coyne
  • Over Easy: A Cultural Anthropologist’s Near-Death Experience • Patrick Gallagher
  • Near-Death Studies, 1981-82: A Review • Bruce Greyson
  • BOOK REVIEW: Adventures in Immortality: A Look Beyond the Threshold of Death, by George Gallup • Kenneth Ring


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