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My grandfather saved me

I was in college, partying. That evening, my friends and I had drank a lot, took some pills and smoked weed which we didn't realize was laced with something. I started seeing images and could barely walk; I don't remember much. My friends had to drag me out of the apartment we were partying in.

The next thing I remember is being in my friend's bathroom vomiting. Then I was on my back on the floor, passed out. I'm pretty sure I smacked the back of my head because it hurt badly later on. I just remember (like it was a dream) I was laying in a bed of light. There was darkness all around and I was floating through the darkness in this beam of light, almost like a river. I don't remember everything but I remember seeing my grandfather who had died and he was yelling at me. I was scared but somehow calm. I remember promising him to never touch drugs ever again. We agreed I wasn't ready to die, that I had unfulfilled purpose on Earth.

I came away with the knowledge that I was to never, ever touch drugs again or else I would die. This was my warning. I cried and apologized. I don't remember anything else. But I never ever touched drugs again, and I had been a heavy user of alcohol and pills. I've known a few people since that who have died of a drug overdose and it makes me so sad. I'm so happy now, fulfilling my destiny to help others through yoga. Even though it was a sort of scary, confrontational experience, I learned and grew from it. I'll never forget the feeling of floating in the beam of light. It brought me to my grandfather. It was so surreal and strange. I don't tell anybody this story because I don't want them to think I'm crazy, but lately I've been feeling the need to share it. There must be a reason why, so here I am!!

Don't do drugs, kids!! :)

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