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Big message in a small package

At 23 I was half asleep & I heard a very LOUD (like electricity) sound and I "saw" a streak of yellow light. 

Years later I had to have a tonsillectomy, which is a dangerous procedure for an adult. It started out as an emergency, when I had to be rushed to the ER because I was throwing up blood. I had lost at least a pint of blood before arriving at the ER. I remember the doctor saying surgery would be one and a half or about two hours at the most. I remember waking up, and my aunt was standing by me. I felt cool air. I felt very accepted, the way you do when you have a crisis then it is over. I could feel her love and energy. She hugged me and I fell back asleep.

I was in a cold part of the recovery room at the hospital. I saw no other patients. My aunt and I had not been really close. I felt that I wasn't completely dead; it was like she was saying "Don't worry." 

When I woke up at 11pm, my doctor told me I had him worried for a bit.

What I learned was that my aunt was happy. This did seem a bit odd because I had also lost my Dad, brother and 6yr old nephew, but I didn't see any of them. 

I felt like I knew life's big worries are so minute.



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