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Example From Heaven

In May of 2001 (I was 22) I became very weak; it was hard for me to get around. Trying to swallow was even worse. I went online to find out what was wrong. I'll never forget the day I found my diagnosis. After reading about Myasthenia Gravis and spotting the mortality rate: 80%,  I was motivated to find answers. After a few trips to the doctors I was admitted to a hospital. After many tests, my self-diagnosis was proven correct.

My NDE didn't come from the operating table or anything medically done to me. After I had settled into my "condition", I was entertaining friends one night in my new apartment and as the last one left I had a really bad feeling. I had asked him to stay. He said had to work in the morning. 

After everyone left I lay down on my couch to watch the movie ROMEO MUST DIE. I fell asleep and within a couple hours I woke up grasping for air. I managed to make it out of my apartment to the neighbors door, and started pounding. I saw the numbers on the door float up as I started to black out and fall to the floor. Luckily an upstairs neighbor was up and heard all the commotion. He had called 911.

I'm not sure how long I was really there but the reports from the medic say I didn't have a heart rate for 19 minutes. By the time the medics got there, my heart had stopped, but my life hadn't. Everything went white as I was blacking out. It seemed that I had spent what seemed like two days in complete darkness. I don't remember anything, but what felt like a room that went on infinitely of darkness. Then after the blackness I watched my self walk in to what seemed like a grassy field. There were pine trees and mountains in the background, along with a lake. After watching my self walk in to this heaven, I was pulled into my spiritual body so I could view this world for myself. I looked around. I was alone until I heard the trees talking telepathically to me. They welcomed me but they never said where I was. I could see my telepathic thoughts go through the air. I could also see the tree's communication through the air. 

I didn't get to walk around to much, it was like I was there just to check in. I looked around after a brief interaction with the pine trees and noticed the grass was a beautiful yellow green flowing in the wind. But the wind was no stronger then a butterfly's wings flapping. Everything seemed so alive!

I was standing there in heaven taking it all in when I felt something tap my foot. I looked down and it was five-petal flower, like the ones I would draw when I was a younger. I thought it was just a gorgeous flower and bent down to smell it. As I was smelling the flower it spoke to me. Then it was like I got sucked into the flower and then I was awake in my hospital bed with my mother looking over me. I'll never forget how disappointed I was to be back.

Ever since my experiences (have had three that are clinical. 19 min, 13 min and 15 min), I've had the ambition to vibrate as high as I can. To resonate what Source would want to create though us/me when I saw Heaven.

It took me 12 years but I finally realized something: If Heaven and Source create us, then I want to be the example. People don't believe what you say you saw. But they will believe what Spirit can create through you. My experience has left me with a gift. I can see Source every day now. I see and it communicates with me. It wasn't anything too much at first, other than to sing a love song or tell me I am loved. But I did learn to be the example from Heaven through Source's words.

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