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Not My First NDE

It was raining hard when I pulled out from a stop sign in my Dad's Mustang on my way to an evening ballet class. I was broadsided by a Lincoln Continental estimated to be going between 60-70mph, spun & hit a parked vehicle, spun again & hit the original vehicle (this is as was reported).

My memory was of headlights at the door. Time turned into very slow motion. I imagined pulling ahead and telling everyone about my close call later. When I lost physical consciousness on impact, I had an experience that reminded me of a tape recorder downloading my whole life at a very fast rate (this was not time like we know it . . .everything was instant and all-knowing). I entered into some kind of void realm which was great . . . no attachment . . . no identity . . . nothing I can compare to regular human awareness. I was nothing & everything at the same time. I really liked it and didn't seem to have any ties to emotions of my own . . . just a pure blissful all-encompassing love. Before the following happened there was a clearness that I had a choice in the matter of returning to life. Then a conversation began:

#1 What happens when you die?" 
#2 "You go to Heaven or Hell" (now this is what I was taught) 
#1 "What is Hell like?" (funny now but because I was taught this I got the biggest adrenaline rush of my life or rather my death) 

Then it was as if I was very deep under a body of water and I did not know which way was up or down but knew I just had to pull as fast and as hard as I could in whatever direction I chose and committ to it. When I broke the surface I gasped for air (I have to assume that my chest hit the steering wheel and was not breathing). At the hospital I was able to control my pain through leaving my body and even though my femur was broken and all the muscles ripped after a week I could imagine walking and make my body follow via my mind's imagined reality with no pain.

Through a process called EMDR I had done in my 40's it was revealed to me that this was not my first NDE but this is the one I have conscious memory of.  A renowned psychic I visited around the same time as the EMDR process told me I have had more than one NDE because I was almost pure light and it is physically painful to be here but I had made a choice and there was a reason; I am here to live this purpose. She said I had her level of psychic abilities but I suppressed them as a child because my experiences scared me greatly . . .

I know it is now time to share my story & my purpose. Thank you for listening.

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