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Overwhelming Presence and Peace

It was the first memory I had after my head on collision. I was about 20 feet above the ground looking at my body trapped in my car. It was an unexplainable peaceful moment. It felt like God's presence was surrounding me. It was dark. (The accident was at 6:30 a.m. on my way to work. I remember the beautiful night sky with stars and seeing the front range of the mountains illuminated. I had no cognitive thoughts or emotion of seeing my body trapped except for an overwhelming amount of peace. There were no other sensations except for that image/vision. It also is difficult for me to explain my perception of space. It was like a new dimension where I was just consuming a large dimension of space and could simultaneously experience space three-dimensionally. It was not like looking through my own eyes in one direction. Almost like a sensation of understanding all of my surroundings. From what I recall it felt like it only lasted five to 10 seconds. Then it was a strong unbelievable sensation overload and I was back in my body trapped in the car. I could feel pain, cold, and vehicle lights. Then the next memory was praying out loud and asking a man to pray for me. He did.

After getting out of ICU for 10 days, I was more lucid and remembered these visions. They were so powerful for the next two weeks in the hospital felt like my cognitive mind was being reconditioned or reformatted. My thoughts, perspectives, relationships, and outlook on life were all being transformed. During prayer, I felt an overwhelming presence and peace from God about my new outlook and direction for my new life. It was a mentally exhausting time but extremely fulfilling and peaceful. There was no anger, bitterness, etc., after the accident. All the doctors said I should be dead and expected me to be hospitalized through March. I was released after only three weeks at the end of January and have progressed physically better than all doctors’ expectations.

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