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I was taking copious amounts of the drug cocaine. I went into a seizure and then died. My friends were screaming I was dead, but in my mind I had climbed up a leafy autumn hill and went to a flat rock. I was looking across a divide of water and saw what appeared to be people picnicking across the water. They seemed very happy. There was a fountain, beautiful flowers and colors. The flowers were worshipping somehow, praising the light with their little selves. A male figure appeared and we went around a city. I saw great halls and libraries. In the library there were scrolls, small and large. One scroll was so big it took up a wall, and the dowels were 10 feet high or so. We went thru some more gardens and suddenly there was a beautiful sound of a choir. Everyone stopped to listen to the voices singing praises. We praised too, and then it stopped and people just went back to doing whatever it was they were doing.

I remember learning about the jobs of angels. They count everything, births and deaths. I learned different areas of heaven are assigned for different areas of earth life (animal lives, water, medicinal advances people are making), and angels look over it all. I didn’t get to see God, as I didn’t know I was dead. I kind of thought I just got out of the car and was up on this hill with this brownish skinned man wearing white. I remember telling the guy my friends were waiting and I had to get going.

I didn’t go back down the hill; I just sat up in the car. My friends started screaming "She’s alive!" which I found ridiculous. I wasn’t quite sure what just happened, until I was told I died. That’s when I realized something very spiritual just happened. I asked my friends where the guy went, and they said, "What guy?" I said, “The guy that was just here with me. The one in white." They never saw him. Where it really got weird was two-fold. One, I felt like I just spent all day there, in the gardens, talking at length about stuff I can’t remember now, but I was with him a long time. They said I was only gone for two minutes or so. Time didn’t make any sense to me for a bit. Still, actually. I feel like I went through a time warp. The other thing was, that I had just ingested what amounted to a copious amount of stimulant, yet I had no effects of cocaine in my system. No rapid heartbeat, no affects whatsoever. I had no craving for more of the drug. What I wanted to do was go home and take a bath, and put something white on, which, I did. I have three witnesses who were present during the event.

Since the NDE, I have a profound love for all people and see the good in all people. I have a soft spot in my heart for children and the geriatric crowd. I have psychic occurrences that are random and uncontrollable. I believe I can read people's emotions and intentions. I am more sensitive to light and sound. I know I went to the next level, another dimension, and I no longer take drugs to get there. I was there. The negatives: I felt that I was "kicked out" of heaven; I wasn’t allowed to stay.

I have come to understand that it wasn’t "time" for me to go yet, more work needed to be done. I now I have a real problem with time. I can’t seem to keep appointments. It seems like sometimes whatever is going on in the moment becomes more important to me than whatever I scheduled. I lose myself in time. I’m never prompt, and I have a hard time being where I’m supposed to be. I’m having a hard time adjusting to time, here. There, (wherever there is) is an absence of time, a lack of time. Time isn’t ticking away the way it is here. There are places to go and things to do there, but there is no demanding sense of needing to get it done "in time.” Time is my biggest problem now.

Additionally, now I know this place (earth) is temporary, and we need to love everyone through it all. I believe love is the message of this life, learning how to love someone else and putting others first.

I also have a loss of the fear of death, and I feel timeless as far as age goes. I am also terribly naive and childlike too.

I appreciate this study, as I have seen myself in the after affects listed, and would like to be a part of your continuing studies.


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