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Lost Connection with the Physical Plane

I was at the transition stage of labour (going into the third and final stage) where most mothers will have an exhaustive feeling of giving up, and cannot go on. I was in and out of consciousness between contractions, which must have been about a minute apart. At one point instead of loosing consciousness, I was very present and very aware of being. I was in a different place, but very aware that my body was in the hospital room giving birth. (I could even hear, but not see, the nurses and sounds of the delivery room.) All this seemed to be going on through a veil or just on the other side of where I was being. Then I became more aware of my surroundings and lost connection with the physical plane.

I could no longer hear the hospital room sounds. I was aware that I was surrounded by a purple colour and existed in what can be described as misty energy. I didn't have a body, but seemed to exist as a light bluish energy. I felt the most overwhelming sense of belonging, like I had come home. It was pure love, just pure existence in love. It is very difficult to describe in words the intensity of that feeling. I was aware that behind me were other energy beings, people whom I knew so well, like I had really come home. I felt so happy and wanted to turn around to greet them, but I got the message--there were no words or touch--that no, now is not the right time. I felt them gently guiding me back.

I was instantly back in the delivery room with another contraction. It has taken me nearly 14 years to be honest with myself and realise that this was very real and not, as I originally had been led to believe, a hallucination induced by the fact that I had Pethadine as a pain reliever during labour.


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