I was home from school sick and lying on the couch sleeping. I awoke to the ceiling falling. I remember saying that we were having an earthquake. My mother and aunt were in the kitchen sitting and talking. I remember that I lost my vision and at some point was in my own bed and they were with me. In the beginning, it was just black. Soon, shapes of all colors and sizes were flying past me and I was just looking at them. Then, I began to see a very, very bright light ahead of me. I must have been talking out loud because I heard my mother say go toward the light. I continued on the way that I was going and at some point I could see clouds or a thick mist above. The light was everywhere. The closer I came to where I was going I saw a ladder, which went up into the mist/clouds. I began to climb the ladder and saw a hand reaching down to me. I could not see a face. I heard my mother say grab the hand. I don’t know if I said it out loud or not but I knew it was the hand of Jesus. This is the first and the last memory of earth.

I returned and have never been the same. It is as if I changed places with someone?? I thought for a very long time that I could fly and tried and tried to fly. Yet, never did get off of the ground. I learned very quickly that I was not supposed to talk about things like that. Over the years, I have been extraordinarily gifted in ways that you can only imagine.

When I was about to turn 30, in November of 1997, it happened again. I was at a couple’s house. I kept telling them that there was something not right with their bull-mastiff dog. He was asleep under my legs by the couch. I reached over to the table and he came up and looked into the temples of my forehead. I was immediately in the black realm. It is the first part of my journey both times.

As soon as I arrived I began to plead over and over that I had responsibilities. I have children. I have responsibilities. The next thing, I was able to hear people around me saying, "She's dead. What are we going to do?". Then, I was in my body and aware. Blood was spurting out of the holes in my face and head with each beat of my heart. When I looked down, my hands were knarled up and I was having a stroke and in shock. When things calmed down, I had no facial features, just one big round ball. After this event, the only color of eyes that I saw were glowing green or red. People exhibited good that had green eyes and vice-versa. My family wanted to put me in an institution. I began to hear and know much more than the first time that I left. Yet, unlike the first time, I am the same person that left. I know it sounds strange, but if you enter the light I do not believe that all of you returns. This last time, I did not go because I was able to return. It’s hard to explain. My abilities were still increased.