On December 18, 2023, I received an awesome and unexpected gift. 

While under general anesthesia for over ten hours during an NIR Cerebral Angiography Embolization followed by a Right Craniotomy for the Resection of a Tumor, at the Stanford University Medical Center, I was allowed to pass beyond the veil and experience the unconditional love, peace, and understanding of the one without name.

I received love and forgiveness beyond description. I felt like I was back at the place I belonged. Where I was a part of everything ever. During the timeless event, I came to understand that even Satan would be forgiven, if capable of accepting it. I felt like everything was so simple and could not understand why we make it so complicated.

I also sensed a more human presence than the pure loving and forgiving energy of which I felt I was a part. This Christlike presence assured me that I was doing well in my life on Earth and that people simply need to treat each other as they wish to be treated.

I was given the choice to go to the light and stay in the sense of peace, love, understanding and knowledge or to return to my physical body. Without much consideration, I chose to return to material life, knowing that I would be back when it was my time.

I then received a sense of the number 22. I am not sure exactly what it meant at the time, but I have come to believe that is how many years that I have left on earth. My mother is 82, almost 22 years older than me.

I regained consciousness in the ICU with a sense of being born again, but with the memory, intelligence and experience that I had acquired during my 60+ years of life so far. I was very happy to hear that both medical procedures were complete and that I would not be going back under general anesthesia.

I became a little preoccupied with clearing out the mucous that had built up in my throat. Some of that preoccupation is detectable in the only post-surgery video clip that my wife recorded of me in the ICU. In my mind, I felt like the mucous was the last remnants of evil in my body and I wanted it gone. Of course, I didn’t tell the nurses, doctors or my wife that I thought the mucous was a manifestation of evil. They would think that I had lost my mind, which I hadn’t.

The ICU night nurse made sure that I knew that the tumor that was removed during my craniotomy was a meningioma and it did not contain any brain tissue.  So, I still had my whole mind. If anything, I was feeling like I had more than my whole mind.

I had a new understanding of my spirit life beyond my body and the material world. I had been given the answer to life, the universe and everything, but in my case it involved the number 22, not 42.