This happened over 35 years ago. I've never told anyone about it but felt today compelled to share my experience.

I had used nitrous in the dentist office probably about 50 times in the past over a 25-year period by the time I was 30. I have sensitive teeth and used nitrous gas for all dental work including cleanings.

This time, during a cleaning, as soon as the nitrous started, someone took me to another realm. Everything was beautiful and there were intense smells and sounds. This experience was more real than real life.

The music was beautiful and what was explained to me is that everything has a purpose and is planned and intentional. It showed me that everything fits together and is perfect.

At the end of the journey there was a real live saxophone playing next to my right ear. It was as if someone was standing next to the dental chair playing. It was a tenor saxophone, I think. I play sax and I know the sound of a real saxophone playing, as opposed to a recording of a saxophone.

I woke up there with tears running down my face. I was crying because what I saw was so beautiful and wonderful.

The dental hygienist was upset because she said that she thought she was hurting me during the cleaning and that was why I was crying.

After that experience, I tried to get the same experience again when using nitrous in the dentist chair. It never happened again. The future nitrous experiences were just normal nitrous gas experiences.

This happened almost 40 years ago and I remember it vividly today. I feel that something showed me a glimpse of the afterlife so I would know what I had to look forward to.

I never told this story to anyone but felt compelled today to share my story.