My NDE happened when I was 7. I was playing with my dog in the back seat of the car while my diseased stepdad was driving. He took a sudden turn and somehow the back door opened and I fell out, with my head first, where I got blunt trauma.

Next thing I know is that I am out of my body, seeing a very bright white light and feeling really calm, happy and loved. I've never felt anything like that. It was a divine feeling.

I was moving to something that looked like a portal or gate, made of white bright light. Then I heard a voice of a female talking with someone else that I could not hear or see. I also felt something familiar, like family, surrounding me. The voice said, "She is young. She should go back. It's not her time yet."

Next thing I know, I opened my eyes and I was in my mothers lap. I saw her crying while we were surrounded by some trees. Then I closed my eyes, went into coma, and woke up a week after my head surgery.

These are the only things I remember, and I guess it's because I kept recalling that event my entire life, pretty often. It's hard to forget something like that.