Before beginning, I apologize for the grammatical errors, English is not my maternal language.

Here, I must do a preamble before going further. I’ll try to do a short story. I got my first NDE at 8 years old (got hit by car while riding bike) and the last one last summer when I drowned myself in Costa Rica; for a total of 9 NDEs (2 cars hit me while doing bike, 2 serious car accidents (a skull fracture), 2 drownings and 3 majors surgeries, including one to remove a brain tumor (a grade 2; not cancer but suppose to die anyway) with a clinical death of about ten seconds).

Unlike many others, I have few memories of all this except light or entities around me but it’s really vague. For me, it’s the after effects which are very clear.

As you can imagine, life isn’t the same I guess because since my 8 years old time, I’m not like the others. I can feel, see, hear and be touched in Energy. Probably not a clairvoyant, but certainly a shaman. «Passeur d’âmes» in french, Ferryman of souls if translation is right, I feel the entities, help them and can see them occasionally as auras.

I happen to have sudden intuitions, visions, and I already had trances and more out of my body experiences. I travel in dreams. Most of them are prescient and always in astral journey because always in my point of view, in subjective vision. Alongside all this, with my psychic gifts, I also discovered that if my thoughts and intentions are targeted on a certain topic before sleeping, well, I "dream" about it. So, this could be fun and I made a lot of good experiences. And there’s more, I shall return to it later.

However, it's not always fun as you can imagine. Doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and other connoisseurs who call themselves scholars, but who in fact knows only how to prescribe pills, diagnosed me with an Asperger’s syndrome with autistic and anxiety tendencies. Whatever... And then there are not many people with whom I can confide myself about it. I lost friends and still looking for the love one. But there’s hope, she’s alive. I saw her so many time in my dreams-visions.

I must also say that I have had several setbacks in my life. Among other things, I had moral and physical abuse from my parents, got once sexual touching from a high school supervisor, illness (brain tumor, thrombosis, chronic sinusitis, genetic diverticulitis disease) and depression. To my great shame, I tried to commit suicide at my teenage time and although life gave me many chances, it’s with guiltiest, like Winston Churchill has said, that the black dogs still visit me sometimes. When it happens, very rarely now, trust me, a chance that Canada is not like the US with all these weapons in free circulation. Lol.

Now, I know that I suffered attacks from dark entities, demons and reptilian aliens since the first NDE. Nightmares, "absences", self-sabotage, and suicide idea were long my daily life. I eventually killed the demon who was tormenting me, but they still come to bother me (last time in December). But good news now, I don’t use anymore violence with them, but diplomacy. It works, like forgiveness is a very good antidote that I used with my parents or others. Now, I can defend myself and since Dianeante, a Pleiadian guide, who helped me killing some of them, it's my turn to chase them. I became a Light warrior, I guess.

This is surely related to the fact that who I am and there's a long time now that I see some spacecraft and my intergalactic guides coming to me more and more. My aura is indigo and I know now that I'm a Starseed. All Starseed quizzes give me 95%. I’m not surprised anymore. I am connected with the Pleiadians.

I discovered all this at the end of 2016 at the same time that I discovered the books and research of PMH Atwater besides with many answers that I got. Synchronicity? My life was about to wreck. Going mad with all these dreams-visions, demons attack, etc. Synchronicity? You bet! No more madness, depression, or demons, my artistic career is finally gaining momentum and I’ll soon let go teaching, I have answers now and accept who I am. I work for my consciousness elevation and my vibratory rate increases. For me, these NDEs were transcendent rituals to bring me where I am now. Thank you.