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Young atheist woman has heavenly experience

I never considered my experience to be an NDE until I was listening to a podcast today and realized it met the definition. You see, even though I was raised in a religious home, I've been an atheist since I was a child, so I have a tendency to see things very practically. I've also suffered from sleep paralysis since I was a teenager and never confused it with anything paranormal, so this was just another weird thing.

I went into shock from rapid blood loss and lost consciousness, I didn't die which is why I never considered it an NDE. 

The vision I had was AMAZING, but it was more than a vision, it was a whole-body experience, kind of like taking mushrooms but better. I was floating/slowly flying through a huge very blue limitless sky with white puffy clouds. There was an overwhelming feeling of love, warmth, happiness, peace and that all things are always going to be good forever. So much so that I felt almost a physical swelling in the chest, like it can't be contained. There was the sound of the wind passing by my ears, and I could feel it on my body, although I never looked to see if I had a body or clothes or whatever. There was distant singing of one female voice that I couldn't make out the words. It was beautiful. I began to make out the voice; it was my name, way off in the distance in a lovely singsong tone, "Colleeeen."  And again, louder and a little closer. And again louder. 

And then I was in the hospital, with the nurse yelling my name and slapping me in the face and holding an ammonia capsule under my nose. My friend was there for the whole thing and asked where I'd gone because I had a really stupid grin on my face.

I don't know if it can be recreated, but it was such an incredible experience that when people ask about preferred methods of death (as you do), I always pick exsanguination. 

I don't know that my life changed all that much as a result of this experience, probably for two reasons. First, I didn't recognize it as being an NDE. And second, I'd done mushrooms previously, which is one of those experiences that usually changes a person's world view and their place in the universe, a role I believe an NDE usually has. The one thing I will say is significant is this: it did not provide contradictory evidence that being an atheist is the wrong choice. According to religious doctrine, I should not have had such a wonderful experience. 


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