I was six years old and my Mother was removing a splinter from my leg. I became dizzy and blacked out (my first epileptic seizure).

I felt myself leave my body and I could see my  body laying on the floor and my Mother was in a panic trying to help me. I saw my Mother run to the bathroom to get my step father who was taking a shower  He had gone to medical school for four years. My step Father and my Mother ran to my body that was still in a seizure.

All of a sudden was taken away from my body and transported to a very dark pitch black void. I had no sense of a body and I could feel creatures all around me growling and hissing. I was not afraid but I was confused as to what was happening. In the distance I began to see a bright speck of white light. I was drawn to this light, traveling at the speed of light through the black void.

As I got closer to the light, the bigger and the brighter it became. The love that I felt coming from the light was so intense, there are No words on earth to descibe how strong the love was. As I got into the very edge of the light I was filled with this intense love. I felt wonderful, at peace and so loved.

Then my Great Grandmother's face appeared in front of me. It was only her face and the face was made up of small dots of energy. My Great Grandmother and I communicated mind to mind, no words came from her lips. My Great Grandmother said........"Kimmie, it is not your time, you must go back."  I remember falling backwards toward my body and yelling...NO! I popped back into my body and my Mother was holding me in her arms and crying.

I wasn't too sure what had just happened to me. Was it a dream? I said nothing to anyone about it. I was gald to be back in my body, yet at the same time I wanted to go back into the light, for I felt that is where I belonged.

I soon noticed that I was much different from who I was before that epileptic seizure. I was filled (over filled) with great love and compassion towards every living thing. I was able to feel what other people were feeling. I was given great knowledge, understanding the universe. Spirit voices would come to me in my mind, wanting me to give thier loved ones here on earth messages. At first I thought everyone could feel the things that I felt. After telling a few friends about these feelings, I knew never to say anything to anyone about these feelings because my friends began to talk, saying that I was crazy, a label I did not want.

The first five years were very overwhelming for me. I had no control over what I was feeling. It took me many years to pull in on the reigns and to tame and have some control over these feelings. Going to school or being around a lot of people, I was bombared with feeling other peoples' feelings and recieving messages to give to people here on earth. I had to suppress these things and I kept pushing them down. Now I wish there could have been someone back then to teach me how to harness these gifts. I still have these feelings today but they come and go and they are not as strong as they were in the beginning. I am still filled with a vast amount of love, which I try to pass on to others to set an example for others to understand that the most important thing in life is LOVE.