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Woman, given Fentanyl for pain, leaves body and watches resuscitation

In the Spring of 2020, I had kidney stones.  I had never had kidney stones before and tried for 2 days to pass them.  I was in severe pain and, after my efforts were unsuccessful, my husband took me to the Emergency Room.  Because our area was under COVID-19 quarantine, he had to leave me in the ER by myself.  It was about 1 am.

I was given Fentanyl for the pain.

The clock in the room was broken - stuck at 4:00 and my phone was in my purse, so I could not keep track of the time.

As the night continued, the nurses gave me more and more Fentanyl.  The pain was never far behind.  I had an MRI that revealed a stone in my kidney and a stone in my bladder.  

I don't know what time it was.

I felt light-headed.  I watched my vital sign readouts go down.  My blood pressure was dropping.  My pulse rate was falling.  My respiration rate was falling.  I watched the numbers and knew that I was dying.  I thought, "So this is how it ends.  I am dying alone."  I took a few breaths and closed my eyes.  I tried to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet (I am Roman Catholic), but the words jumbled in my head.  I cried out, "God Save Me," and then I felt my soul ripped from my body.

The alarm went off on my monitor.

I was looking down from the ceiling.  I saw the nurse and ER EMT rush in.  The nurse hit a button and ran out.  The ER EMT was checking for a pulse.  She did not seem to find one as she began to remove my gown and drop my bed.

Next to me, hovering at the ceiling, was a being.  This being felt like my Guardian Angel.  He did not say anything.  We watched it together.

The nurse injected something into my IV (when I checked the run sheet later, this was Naloxone).  My body began to convulse and the EMT draped her body over mine to hold me down.  Looking down, I tilted my head to the side like a dog trying to understand - my body was convulsing and my body's eyes were open, but I was staring into them from above - not outward from them.  My body looked empty and pale, deflated, and broken - a discarded doll.

Suddenly, I was pushed back into my body and I opened my eyes - looking up at the same ceiling.  My Angel was gone.  When my soul hit my body, it was a thud.

The EMT rolled me to the side, rested me against her body and I began to violently vomit.  I filled 3 emesis bags.  She stroked my back and my hair as I vomited.


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