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Man meets grandmother during panic attack near-death

Seven years ago, I was experiencing stress and anxiety at work, coupled with the effects of having to go into full time work instead of being able to participate in a schedule of voluntary work which I had done for the past 2 years. I was lying in bed when I felt short of breath and started to hyperventilate. I felt my heart and breathing stop and lost consciousness.

It felt that I was falling through different levels of consciousness which you encounter during sleep, with an intense feeling of love and calmness descending on me, the more I fell through each level of consciousness. This feeling of love, calmness and serenity continued to grow in intensity until I reached a place where my paternal grandmother was sitting at a table in the dining room at my parents’ house surrounded by a beautiful orange, purple and red light whilst a calming, otherworldly white noise sound was emanating from all around. We did not talk, but telepathically communicated to each other a feeling of unconditional love, mixed with a feeling of "not to worry." She appeared to be grinning, as if at peace and very happy.

At this point I felt my heart and breath restart, and I regained consciousness. 

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