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Hit by a 122 rocket in Viet Nam

In March 1968 I was at a firebase near Cam Lo, Viet Nam. 

It was just after lunch and my Lieutenant, Lt. Lane, wanted to talk to me about my new job and promotion.  We had gone downhill away from others.  As we were talking a 122 rocked exploded a few yards behind me.

Immediately, I knew I was hit.  I remember saying "Oh God, I'm hit," then I feel myself rising out of my body.  As I floated upward, I passed through a "layer" of souls hanging in space.

These "souls" had their backs to me.  They all wore extremely long, hooded robes.  As I passed through them one turned and gave me a sad smile.  Then I rose up into a tunnel.  Then I saw a very bright light ahead and started moving toward it. 

When I was at the light, which seemed to be guarding a gateway, a powerful voice told me that I had to go back, that I had work to do.  Then I was conscious and laying in a bunker being treated.  I had lost most of my blood.  

My Lieutenant was killed by the same 122 rocket.  I was immediately sent home and retired from the wounds. 


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