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Heard many voices above her, from her body

In 1985 or 1986 (maybe even 1984), I went with a friend to visit my brother in Houston, TX from Dearborn, MI. We were in high school and traveled during our spring break.

The NDE happened at night at a restuarant. Earlier, we had spent the day at the sunny beach, then went to a comedy club where there was a two drink minimum.  We did not eat dinner until later at night. I was just about to enjoy my soup when I passed out. According to my brother, my head hit the table, and they called an ambulance.  I do not remember passing out - I do remember not feeling well.

I remember laying on my back, while up above me, in the darkness, was a very loud din of voices. I could not make out any individual words. It was as if they were looking down from above - just peeking over the edge of some invisible hole. The voices seemed to surround the edge of a circle. Inside the circle could have been a dim light. The voices were very loud and there were so very many of them. I can't remember how long this lasted - enough to make an impression! Finally, I heard a voice say to the others, "It's not her time," and they faded. I woke up shortly after that to find my brother, panicked, and EMT people (person?) kneeling down.

Later I asked my brother if at any point there were many people above me talking loudly. He said it was just him and the EMT person, and that it was quiet. He seemed shaken when I told him later about the voices and what they said. Other than telling my brother and much later my husband, I have not told anyone.

I had not really categorized this experience as Near Death per se, but it was something. I didn't think about it too much afterwards or in the years/decades following. Now, I believe it was a potential NDE - if that makes sense. 


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