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Drowned at 3

I fell through a swimming pool cover and became trapped in the winter time when I was 3 years old. I was dead for 11 minutes. There was cold, fear, darkness... then a bright light. I went to somewhere white

and spacious where there were people who were larger than me all in white.

Then I was flying ... I could see where everyone was positioned on the ground. I was flying about 14 feet off the ground. I flew to the front of the house where I could see my mother chatting to my aunt out the front of the house by the car. I could see her leaning on the car door while it was open.

I then travelled to the back of the house where I was being revived by my cousin. I could see him performing CPR on me and I could see where everyone was positioned around me. Then I came back.

When I came back I had very powerful experiences. Too many to write here. I could play piano by ear like a professional despite never hearing the classical pieces. I am very psychic, can telepathically speak to those close to me and I am a healer. I can manifest. I have manifested my whole life.

I had my yoga and kundalini calling under very intense circumstances this year. I have never suffered heartbreak and I have no fear. I had an imaginary friend as a child. I have intense friendships but if people are not on my vibration they are repelled by me. I have a very strong connection to plants and animals. Especially labradors. They will try to jump through the window of my car to be near me as I drive past owners walking them. I feel pulses in trees when I touch them.

Health wise I had tuberculosis and recovered naturally, I have a blood disorder called Von Willebrand. These all occurred after my experience. I have started to channel with a friend coming to me for 5 days this year. I have always seen ghosts.

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