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A Bike Ride Gone 'Bad'

I was in the Navy stationed in Wales. The traffic pattern is opposite ours in the USA, and I was riding a bicycle. I had been there for two weeks, so I was not used to the traffic, and I pulled out in front of an oncoming car going through the windshield.

All of a sudden I was walking down a long dark tunnel talking to someone who I could not see. I remember looking for my arm, but I was unable to see it as well. I looked ahead and I saw Jesus. It seemed as though he was putting something in or taking something out of a closet. The only thing I could see was Jesus and he glowed a golden like essence. I was just able to sense that everything I described previously was there. All was peaceful and loving, but then I started seeing things that did not seem all that inviting. I thought I was on the earth, but the people in those places behaved so awkwardly. I just couldn't understand why, and I assumed it was not the others who had changed, but it was I who had changed. God would always appear and ask me something about waking up and returning to earth. I told God the earth was a crazy place now from the way I remember it and asked what had happened to the earth? I was informed that I was not on the earth. I went to a number of these various "earths", and each time I thought I was on the earth I had left. They were all different from the earth I am familiar with. It became very monotonous. I asked God why He would do this to me? He said He wasn't doing it but that I was doing it to myself.

I saw 9/11, even though I did not know what I was seeing at the time. I saw many things in my personal life that have fulfilled themselves. God informed me that I would know what I need to know in my life when the time is right.

I sent my experience on 4/4/2015. Now that I sent it there are so many more things I see in my mind.

When I was in those other worlds, that I thought were the world we are on right now, I kept trying to find my way back home. It sort of reminds me of Dorothy in the 'Wizard of Oz'. I became aggravated with The Highest Power in the Universe because I thought he didn't know where to return me. As I said in the experience I sent I asked him why he was doing this to me and he told me he wasn't doing it, but I was doing it myself because I wouldn't wake up to become conscious.

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