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Traveling Through the Tunnel

I was ill with 5 parasitic infestations at once (bacillary dysentery, amoebic dysentery, pinworms, roundworms, and giardia). I had come into the city after being at my site for quite some time, and was to go to the doctor's office after taking a short nap while my hosts went to the store for a few things.

As I lay on the floor, my head began to buzz. It was not so much a sound as an interior trembling. My eyes were open then. I felt a bit dizzy with the buzzing. As it continued, I started feeling dizziness similar to twirling twirling twirling, then stopping - that sort of "not quite sure" what's happening feeling, though I was fully aware. Slowly, I felt my spirit/self lift away from my body.

As it lifted, it remained in the horizontal position in which my body lay, below me, as well as in the same compass direction. I remember feeling like I was in a helicopter bubble sort of thing, because I could see in all directions simultaneously from my spirit/self, but was directing my focus to my body. Pulling away from my body, my spirit lifted higher - I don't know how high - and my focus turned toward my self's foot forward flight. I was travelling (for some reason I now think in some sort of a shroud), horizontally, and my expectation was that I was heading west.

I gradually became aware of a tunnel, large, dark, with certain highlights lit from a source at the very end of the tunnel. It now reminds me of a mountain tunnel, as though carved out of rock. I was moving toward the light faster and faster and faster. Then, something happened. I don't know what, but it all changed. I was still hovering, but now I was over my brother's house, still feeling like I am on my back, still feeling face up, and still able to see totally around me at the same time. I could see the house as though it were in plan view - that is, the way an architect would draw the plans for the house; as though the roof were off.

In the house were my mother and my sister-in-law. They were chatting. I do not now remember what they were chatting about. It was not earth-shattering, just normal stuff - what the kids were up to, recipes, clothing styles, that type of stuff. Suddenly, like a swoosh I was pulled back in my body again head first, as though I was being sucked back to the floor of the concrete house.

I thought this was all a pretty cool experience, and told it to at least one other person, noting how cool the mind is and drawing all sorts of inferences about what the mind can do.
Here's the weird part: eleven days after the event, I received a letter from my mother with all of her news of the past few weeks. (It took us eleven days to receive mail at that time). She told me about going to my brother and sister-in-law's house. She told me about the chat she had with my sister-in-law. She told me things that I already knew and had already told the other volunteer eleven days earlier.My experience at that time transformed from an "ain't the mind weird?" view of the situation, to a "holy cow - there IS another dimension!"


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